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Fishing & Living builds on the growing popularity of fishing. Fishing is a hobby for many people, and it can be an effective way to relieve work stress. You can sit back and relax with a fishing rod on board and hunt for big fish. Fishing and Life gives players the opportunity to become a professional fishing rod. You don’t have to pay hourly like fishing in the lake, the game gives you unlimited fishing time. Forget the things that make you feel bad. There are many different types of fish on the ocean floor, and of course, everyone wants to catch the big ones. But before that, let’s get acquainted with small fishing.

Drive the boat far away, find a convenient place to fish, hook. Fishing is not as difficult as Fishing Hook because the gameplay of the game is not entirely skill-based. With small fish, it is very easy to catch. However, the big fish in the deep sea is what players want to get. You will have to use a clever combination of hook and lure to attract them. There are also cases where players prepare carefully but end up encountering blue scales or water hyacinths. Not always good bait for big fish.

DOWNLOAD FISHING AND LIFE MOD – Sea fishing and relax

Bait and fishing rod are two important items for every trip to the sea. You can buy bait at the store or use fish as bait. If the level is too low, the player cannot catch the big fish. So items are not the only thing to collect. It is not easy to go from a beginner to fishing to the kingdom of legend. Great night view, occasional shooting stars. Fishing life creates a suitable environment for extremely affordable fishing. If you are calm enough, sharks and blue whales can be caught in the net in no time. Make every trip worthwhile.

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Prepare before fishing

Fishing rod, bait and boat are three things that must be prepared when going out to sea. This item can be found in the store. Remember, not all expensive lures will get you big fish. But if you want to catch big fish, you must have good bait. There are different types of boats. If you want to go further and hold more fish, you will start with a wooden boat and choose the legendary boat.

fishing and life mod apk

Fishing rod upgrade

No matter how good the fisherman is, if the fishing rod is not good, the fishing is not good. Sell ​​fish and use the money you earn to upgrade your fishing rod, reel and line. You’ll cast your hook farther with the new length and help fend off larger fish. It is quite expensive, so if you want a good phone right away, use the MOD Fishing and Living version.

buy new character

Fishing and living doesn’t have a lot of characters to choose from. There are 4 characters divided by level, from Beginner to Fisherman, Amateur, Professional and Legendary. This does not mean that if you buy a character, your sentence level will increase. The only priority for each character is to increase fishing bonuses, up to 40%. That’s a bargain for you.

farmed goldfish

After fishing, there will be two options: sell fish or raise fish. If you do not want to sell, you can raise fish and keep it in an aquarium. There is not much space, of course, if you want to keep more fish, please buy more slots. Pay attention to feed the fish with enough energy to get gold. The fish is hungry, you cannot profit from it.

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collect boxes

When traveling on the sea, there will be many treasure chests with mysterious rewards. Collect and open them. When I open the chest, I usually get gold. You should not leave too many chests without opening, there will be no room to get new chests.

Fishing & Life MOD version

Fishing and Life is a game that uses features combined with watching ads. For example, to feed the fish, you need to see an advertisement. So please turn off wifi or network connection when playing to not be disturbed by ads automatically.

Download fishing and life mod

Relax on the yacht with a fishing rod in hand, you will catch many new types of fish in your catch. How long the tour can last depends on the player’s wishes. Improve your fishing skills and share it with your friends. Download Fishing Life MOD to enjoy the exciting feeling of fishing, get rid of the fatigue of life and relax.

Download Fishing Life MOD APK for Android (Unlimited gold coins)

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