Fortnite’s Slurpy Swamp Area Reimagined As LEGO Set In Fan Art

A talented Fortnite fan has reimagined the Slurpy Swamp area, one of the game’s famed locations, as a fictional LEGO set. But while players are naively fantasizing about official collaborations, unscrupulous LEGO imitators are already creating unlicensed sets based on video games.

Quite recently, one gamer has discovered that a notorious LEGO copycat called QS08 released an Among Us-inspired set, effortlessly named “They Are Among”. The toy has a Crewmate figurine and a decoration that resembles one of the game’s tasks. Strangely, the set also incorporates some of the Halloween-themed cosmetics from the social deduction game. It is worth mentioning that QS08 is also making Fortnite sets, which, were not licensed by Epic Games.

Over on Fortnite’s subreddit, a talented artist named minibrickproductions has shared a Fortnite-themed LEGO set, which depicts the popular Slurpy Swamp area. Although the LEGO set itself is quite small, it has all the key features the famed location possesses. The area is particularly famous for its parts flooded with healing water, which is why the set is aptly named “Slurpy Swamp Heal-Up”. There’s also a truck with a Slurp Co. logo, as well as a couple of small decorations and a trio of battle royale players. An authentic-looking bus stop and a loot chest complete the picture, making one wish the set was a real thing rather than just a piece of fan art. The package even includes a small banner telling that there’s a redeemable code inside to get 200 V-Bucks.

Although one can only dream about an official LEGO/Fortnite collaboration, the famous toy manufacturer is no stranger to the gaming industry. Ther are obviously the popular LEGO video games, but the company also cooperates with other developers to turn their digital entertainment products into official sets. Minecraft is a vivid example, especially considering how similar the two blocky universes are. A talented fan of both even used their LEGO sets to create an amazing Minecraft stop-motion animation, cleverly highlighting one of the game’s signature features.

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LEGO’s notorious unwillingness to include real-life modern weapons in the company’s sets is probably the key reason why a collaboration with Epic Games hasn’t happened, yet. That being said, there’s no doubt that official LEGO/Fortnite sets would’ve been insanely popular, especially if packed with redeemable V-Bucks codes. Perhaps, one day the two companies will work together despite all the odds, giving their fans an irresistible reason to spend money on an instant purchase.

Fortnite is available on all platforms.

Source: minibrickproductions/Reddit

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