Frozen 3 Can Finally Give Anna Power (But Not How You Think)

since she first appeared in freeze, Fans want to know if Ana has gained strength – and Ice 3 It can be revealed that she has always been. The third installment in Disney’s hugely popular series is expected to wrap up the series in a trilogy, so hopefully all the big questions will be ironed out. Everything was clear from the beginning frozen A movie where Anna and Elsa have a strong bond. Afterward, Ice 2 This is confirmed by the metaphor that places the two sisters on opposite sides of the bridge, so both sides must have power.

Ice 2 Delve into the source of Elsa’s powers and discover that she was given such gifts because her mother, Iduna of Northold, saved her father, Agnar, of Arundel. This gives Elsa the ability to atone for the mistakes of her grandfather, King Runard, and end the curse caused by the conflict between the two nations. However, as Elsa herself pointed out at the end Ice 2Iduna and Agnarr have two children and Anna’s role is equally important, but not in the way many imagine.

May 3rd Frozen Reveals Ana’s Power to Support Elsa

And Ice 3 Expected to end the franchise, this could be the last chance to showcase Ana’s own magical abilities. However, if sisters do indeed have superpowers, evidence from previous films suggests that they won’t be as overt as Elsa. Instead, they can control fire or other similar elements (which already have fire spirits). Ice 2), Anna’s magic seems to support Elsa’s magic more.

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As a result, Ana may never be able to summon elements, make objects move according to her will, teleport, or perform any other apparent magic. From the outside, she might always look normal (in the best possible way), but she could be some kind of conduit for her sister to work her magic on. Previous films support this, both in the way Elsa describes their relationship as two sides of a bridge forming the fifth soul and how Elsa’s powers react to her sister’s.

‘Frozen 1’ reveals that Ana is the key to Elsa’s control of her powers

Anna and Elsa as children

when young anna and elsa were introduced in the original book frozen In the movie, the future Snow Queen can control her powers very well. With Anna by her side, Elsa doesn’t hesitate to turn the ballroom into a winter wonderland. However, when they parted, she quickly lost control of her powers. Sure, they are still close, but their emotional connection has been severed. The plot of frozen It’s implied that this has a lot to do with Elsa’s fear, but there could be more to it than that.

When Elsa is inside frozen, she performed extraordinary magic beyond her imagination. Of course, this has a lot to do with the queen’s decision to “let go” of her fears, but it’s not enough to give her full control over her powers. She still doesn’t know how to repair the damage she caused in Arendelle. Only after Anna sacrificed herself for her sister did Elsa find this strength in herself. Her sister’s love – and their special relationship – is at the heart of the miracle.

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Magical connection could be a problem for Anna and Elsa’s separation

Composite image of Anna and Elsa from Frozen

Anna’s importance to Elsa’s powers is once again shown in Ice 2 When her sister’s actions thawed the queen and freed her from Atoharan. This further supports the idea that Ana possesses mystical powers tied to Elsa’s roots, but that could mean entering Ice 3The end of the previous film saw Anna becoming the queen of Arendelle while Elsa remained in Northurdra. However, despite their separation, their hearts are very much in sync – so as long as it stays that way, Elsa’s powers will be safe.

However, if another conflict arose between Arendelle and Northuldra, the relationship between the sisters could be shaken. These nations have been at war with each other throughout recent history, and many Arendelle soldiers – and even kings – have perished in this terrifying battle. Ice 3 Some residents of Arendelle won’t be thrilled when their queen leaves for a “hostile” country, so there could be confusion. If Anna and Elsa were brought together, and their relationship tested as a result, it’s clear that the Snow Queen’s powers would be very different without Anna.

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