Full House's David Lipper Reveals Why D.J. and Viper's Romance Was Cut Short

DJ and Viper’s love story has ended Full housecancellation.

That’s according to David Lipper, who played a rock’n’roller with a heart of gold in the last season of the beloved sitcom.

Lipper, 50, joined host Dave Coulier, 64, on the latest episode of his rewatch podcast Full House Rewindand revealed what he said was the original plan for the two characters.

The actor appeared in several episodes during the show’s eighth and final season in 1995, playing Viper, a member of Uncle Jesse’s band who woos the eldest DJ sister Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure).

David Lipper and John Stamos in ‘Full House’ in 1994.

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“I was set to be her next boyfriend to last the rest of the series,” Lipper told Coulier. “Until they found out they were going to be cancelled.”

According to Lipper, the show’s producers decided that DJ would eventually have to choose between Viper and Nelson (Jason Marsden), the ex she reconnected with. In Lipper’s final Full house appearance, Viper and Nelson compete for DJ’s affections, leaving her so bitter that she chooses neither of them.

“She wanted to decide between Nelson and me, because I kicked her and then I wanted her back. And then it was supposed to be me, but then she didn’t pick anyone because the show was over,” Lipper recalled. (Ultimately, producers teased a reunion with her longtime boyfriend Steve, played by Scott Weinger, and the story came true before end of Netflix restart a fuller house in 2020.)

As both Lipper and Coulier noted, ABC canceled Full house 1995 due to the rising costs of the series, despite continued success.

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FULL HOUSE - "On The Road Again" - 08.11.1994.

Candace Cameron Bure and David Lipper in ‘Full House’ in 1994.

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“We were told there was a possibility that when the WB network started, we would do two more seasons on the WB,” Coulier explained. “But at that point, season eight, people were like, ‘How many more stories can we tell? We have already said 192 of these.’ Like, you know, not everyone was up for it. I said, ‘I’ll do two more seasons, man. I am having fun. You know, I’ll go in and do Popeye and get out.’ ”

“It was an expensive show,” Lipper interjected.

“At that point it was expensive,” Coulier said. “Yeah. The pay went up. And the way shows do it, you know, everybody’s pay everywhere on the show and the success, everybody starts feeding off the trough. You know? Especially when we knew the union money was there. It’s like, ‘Hey, we’re in the union. Want to do more?’ ”

David Lipper, Dave Coulier

David Lipper and Dave Coulier on the ‘Full House Rewind’ podcast.

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Despite his short tenure at Full house, Lipper became, as Coulier said, “part of us Full house family.”

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Lipper said he has stayed in touch with Bure, John Stamos and Jodie Sweetin — who also star alongside him in the 2021 romcom. Just swipe. He even reprized the role of Viper in two Netflix episodes a fuller house reboot, and said people still remember him as that character.

“They recognize me more Full house but the 60 films I’ve made since then,” he said. “I’ll say it again: 60 films, if we take them all together, I will be recognized more than Full house. It was a big show. It still is.”

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