Genshin Impact: Raiden Shogun Cosplay Will Get You Eager For Her Rerun

A Genshin Impact fan cosplayed Raiden Shogun, one of the confirmed rerun characters for the second half of Version 3.3. The ruler of Inazuma is a fan-favorite hero for a number of reasons, be they lore-related or the mere fact that she is a superb playable character. Raiden Shogun was originally introduced with Genshin Impact 2.0 when the region of Inazuma was added to HoYoverse’s RPG.

Considering her popularity, a Raiden Shogun cosplay should not come across as a surprise. She can be a DPS, sub-DPS, or support, and this versatility can make her a welcome addition to most teams. Players in Version 3.3 will have to choose if they want Raiden Shogun or Ayato in Genshin Impact’s banner reruns, and while the Hydro swordsman is a powerful DPS, Shogun may be a better choice due to her overall team flexibility.

Raiden Shogun’s Cosplay Gets Ready For Genshin Impact 3.3 Reruns

The Brazilian Genshin Impact cosplayer, known as Jojo, shared their portrayal of Raiden Shogun in an Instagram post. The Inazuman leader’s cosplay follows Raiden Ei’s original outfit, known in-game as Narukami’s Law. Jojo wears the character’s traditional purple kimono and the various paraphernalia attached to it. Along with it, she wears purple contact lenses and a Shogun wig to complete her look.

This is not the only outfit the Electro Archon has in the game and, curiously enough, Jojo had already cosplayed Genshin Impact’s Raiden Shogun Boss’ looks. In their previous cosplay, the artist recreated the weekly boss’s alternative outfit, which resembles certain aspects of a puppet. Despite that, Shogun’s boss version has a few alternative tweaks to the outfit, and these were interpreted by the cosplayer.

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Raiden Shogun’s Cosplay Honors One Of Genshin Impact’s Most Beloved Characters

Genshin Impact's Raiden Shogun boss stands alone in her domain, surrounded by the puppet hands that she uses in combate. On the them wields a purple Electro sword.

Jojo is a passionate Genshin Impact fan and cosplays many of the available characters in the game, such as the Dendro Archon Venti. Even so, the Electro Archon seems to be one of their favorites since the character is present in their profile in multiple posts. It is important to notice that the cosplay does not portray the different Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact, Raiden Makoto, but Raiden Ei, the current Inazuman ruler, and the Raiden Shogun puppet that imposes Eternity until the Traveler stops her.

Raiden Shogun’s cosplay shows that she is one of the most beloved characters in the open-world RPG. Luckily, for any players who haven’t added her to their roster, she will be available in Genshin Impact 3.3’s second half, via the limited-time banner reruns, where she will share a featured spot along with Ayato. Together with both of them will be the weapon banner, which will rerun Raiden’s signature polearm, Engulfing Lightning, and Ayato’s sword, Haran Geppaku Futsu. Considering Raiden Shogun is Genshin Impact’s strongest Electro user, it is worth a shot pulling for her and her weapon.

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