Gigl’s Sweetest Reaction to a Valentine’s Day Surprise

Axel used to have a house he wasn’t allowed to live in. Not bad as locals in the area could hear Axel sitting outside crying nonstop.

He switched from an indoor dog to an outdoor dog.

While waiting for a suitable family, Axel was adopted. Meanwhile, the Smiths are on the hunt for the ideal dog.

The Smith family consists of six members, and Ariela, the youngest of four children, is the youngest.

So when the family saw Axel, they were attracted to him. Then Sam, at that moment, decided to give the app to Axel Gout – but realized that interacting would take some time.

When the family learned that Axel would be attending the adoption event, they believed it would be a great opportunity to meet him.

The family wanted to surprise Ariela, so they kept everything a secret.

The moment Agiela realizes that her mother’s “Valentine’s Day gift” is Axel, she is completely overwhelmed — and can’t stop drinking tea… what not long ago had turned into a kiss proposal Warmth for the newcomer in the Smith family.

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