Gillian Lacey-Solymar Wikipedia, Wiki, Parkinson’s, Husband, Illness

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Gillian Lacey-Solymar Wikipedia, Wiki, Parkinson’s, Husband, Illness

Gillian Lacey-Solymar Wikipedia, Wiki, Parkinson’s, Husband, Illness – Last weekend, 5 Live’s regular schedule fell apart suddenly and gradually as many football hosts put their headphones down in support of Gary Lineker. Even though there were regular shows at the start and end of the day, live commentary on Premier League games, and some Six Nations rugby, the weekend was largely devoted to podcasts. I estimate that at least eight hours of programming were substituted.

Gillian Lacey-Solymar Wikipedia, Wiki, Parkinson’s, Husband, Illness

Podcasts were alright. On Saturday, we got football-related ones, but by Sunday, the programmers had given up and had only put six of the eight episodes of Sport’s Strangest Crimes: Spygate on. This was published in November and is related to Formula One, pardon me while I stifle a yawn. Maybe some listeners were so engrossed that they rushed to BBC Sounds to finish the entire programme. I have my doubts, especially in light of Pete Tong’s peculiar, Partridge-like presentation.

The week in audio: Shock and War; BBC 5 Live

Anyway. However, 5 Live, as its name suggests, is about live action, developing-right-now events, whether they be news or — over the weekend — sport. BBC radio has always been superb at burying a presenter problem.

Pre-recorded programmes are very different; they seem a little dated. Everything felt unimportant or unnecessary besides the matches.

In their customary Sunday commentary for Newcastle vs. Wolves, John Murray and Pat Nevin said that Nevin was only participating because he was permitted to express his opinions. He declared, “We need clarification… we need a debate… there must be consultation, not just orders from on high,” and he suggested involving the NUJ and Bectu unions. His brief remarks have been omitted from the listen-again coverage.

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Naturally, Stephen Nolan stayed. The regular host of the 10 p.m. phone-in show on Saturday and Sunday was not going to turn off his microphone. He’s not much of a sportsman, and his show is produced in Northern Ireland, where the majority of people would disagree that football should be considered a “national sport.” Nolan also thrives on a small argument.


It energises him and his audience. “Well, if negotiations are progressing as expected, the question that arises is: Whose direction is it moving in? He posed the gossipy question, “Lineker’s or the BBC’s?,” as 5 Live’s lone advocate for the perspective on life adopted by the characters in Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough’s Cissie and Ada skits.

Shock and War: Iraq 20 Years On, a really intriguing series on Radio 4, has taken over the 15-minute post-lunch time slot. In it, Gordon Corera, the great security correspondent for the BBC, examines the causes and consequences of the battle that Tony Blair and George W. Bush authorised. This is a fantastic series that is sober, honest, meticulously researched, and filled with I-was-there interviews.

As one might anticipate, Corera is a good questioner. He queries whether there was “a sense that you were trapped by the process that was under way” to Tony Blair. Meaning: Even if there were no weapons of mass destruction to be found, we still had to hold the US’s hands and support their attack. Blair claims, “I was trying to find a way out the whole time. I felt as though there were no longer any viable alternatives to going to war, which made me uneasy. Important listening.

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