Glen Powell Was Completely Naked While Pitching Movie To Jonathan Majors

Jonathan Majors shares a delightful experience when Glenn Powell recommended an upcoming Korean war movie to him godlyThe film is a war epic based on the novel of the same name by Adam Marcos, telling the true story of two US Navy fighter pilots during the Korean War. Majors plays Ensign Jesse Brown, the Navy’s first black aircraft carrier pilot, and Powell plays Lieutenant Tom Hudner, a white man from New England who dropped out of Harvard to become a fighter pilot in Korean War. The film highlights the deep friendship between two people from different economic and racial backgrounds during the apartheid era in America.

godly The film will open in theaters worldwide on November 23, so the Majors are currently holding a press conference to promote the film. jimmy kimmel liveThe actor talks about his work experience godlyMeet Glenn Powell and work on the upcoming MCU movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Fever. when it comes to how he was asked to play the lead role godlyMajors has an interesting story to tell about his pitch with Powell, who is also the executive producer of the war epic:

Pretty standard procedure: You have a meeting where, you know, say, ‘Hey, do you want to be in the movie? I thought, ‘Yes, we can. love to experiment. After directing, the next thing was to meet our executive producer, Glen Powell. I said, ‘Yes man, let’s go to the Russian hammam. He appeared like a million dollars, like [Top Gun: Maverick‘s] The executioner, with his piercing blue eyes and wide smile. I put him in the ninth round of hell. We sat there and we talked. completely naked.

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During the interview, Majors mentioned that he had never heard of the film’s story before, nor had he heard of Jesse Brown. But he was happy to discover that Brown, the son of sharers from Mississippi, had been elevated to America’s hero. In a unique pitch to Powell, they talked about the relationship between the two main characters and what the story meant and how they would deliver it on screen. godly and stars investigative staff Selinda swan, editorial board Thomas Sadowski and Joe Jonas.

True war movies often reveal little-known historical figures, bring them to the forefront and make their stories known to the masses. godly focuses attention on two American heroes—but especially highlights Brown’s story as the Navy’s first black fighter pilot, a major achievement that was largely unknown for many years. year. Given Powell’s recent success as Top Guns: Maverick, Both he and Majors can enhance the story.

Screened recently at the Toronto Film Festival, godly The stunning cinematography, stunning aerial and aerobatic sequences, and absolutely incredible performances by the entire cast, especially from The Major, all received good reviews. . With Major movies now on the rise in Hollywood, he should help bring audiences to this new movie. It’s safe to say that the Emmy-nominated actor may be looking forward to the upcoming awards season.

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