GMA’s Michael Strahan is a proud ‘girl dad’ as he bonds with daughter Isabella

Good Morning America co-host Michael Strahan beamed with joy as he visited his daughter Isabella at her college.

The father-daughter duo attended one of the University of Southern California’s big games, taking a moment to capture the memories with a happy photo.

On his Instagram, Michael posted a candid photo of himself and Isabella standing proudly on the stands of the university.

The former NFL player chose a navy suit, matching baseball cap, brown pants and understated accessories: a light gold chain and watch.

Isabella, who looked like she was embracing college life, wore a black t-shirt with her school’s logo, smartly paired with a blue denim jumpsuit, leaving one side unbuttoned. Her hair was neatly tied in a high ponytail, complementing her natural makeup look. Their smiles, which revealed their strong connection, were contagious.

© InstagramMichael Strahan with his daughter Isabella


  • Michael Strahan's daughter Isabella (18) revealed a new tattoo on her chestMichael Strahan’s daughter Isabella (18) revealed a new tattoo on her chest

In his post, Michael lovingly wrote: “Got to spend the weekend with @isabellastrahan and see her move to college and watch the game. #GirlDad.” This hashtag, “Girl Dad”, has become a touching trend on social media, with fathers expressing their pride and joy in raising their daughters.

But while Michael’s public moments with his daughter are beautifully shared, his romantic relationship with girlfriend Kayla Quick remains extremely private.

Isabella Strahan shows off her chest tattoo© TikTok Isabella Strahan shows off her chest tattoo

The two, who have been dating since 2015, show a refreshing departure from the world of celebrity couples, often opting for subtle gym sessions and intimate get-togethers over the glitzy flash of red carpets.

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Despite being together for over eight years, Michael and Kayla have mastered the art of keeping their relationship largely out of the public eye.

Michael Strahan in a blue suit gives the peace sign with his daughter Isabella© Instagram. Photo posted by Michael Strahan from his daughter Isabella’s graduation from Covenant of Sacred Heart in New York. She goes to college at USC.

Their love story began in Port Charlotte, Florida. Kayla, who was working as a server at the time, met Michael at a local bar. Since then, the romance has blossomed, but they have maintained a conscious decision to keep moments of their relationship private and honest.

The couple has been seen on rare occasions in New York, often after training together.

In a casual look over the summer, Kayla was seen in a sporty outfit, accentuating her athletic physique with a purple sports bra, gray joggers and colorful Nike trainers.

Her hair was neatly tied in a bun, and she was carrying a white bag, phone and AirPods.

Michael and Sophia go to Target to get supplies© InstagramMichael and Sophia go to Target for supplies

Ever the fashion-forward ex-athlete, Michael was seen in a relaxed all-grey outfit, accessorised with white and black shoes and a blue bag.

As they strolled, the former New York great also sported AirPods, suggesting the pair enjoy similar tastes even when they’re not on the job.

In another recent sighting, the couple were dressed in workout gear, heading to their regular gym session. This consistent theme in their public appearances highlights the couple’s shared interest in fitness and wellness.

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