GTA Online: How to Unlock The New Obey Tailgater S

The Obey Tailgater S is one of the newest vehicles added to GTA Online. This guide will show players what they need to unlock this new car.

Obey Tailgater S is one of the newest models to join the list car theft online. This guide will show players how to unlock. car theft online Recently received a major update from Los Santos Tuners. In this version, players can show off their cars to other car enthusiasts. With seating for up to 30 players, players can watch other players race, modify their cars in real time, show off their favorite cars and take part in a host of new deals around the world. Los Santos. car theft online Update some new cars for players to add to their collection. Players can obtain the new Obey Tailgater S in the following ways.

To start using the Los Santos Tunders update, players need to make sure they have a stable internet connection. After installing the update, players will receive a notification that there is a new “LS” location on the map. The player then needs to head to this area southeast of Los Santos to get started. They will then be introduced to Mimi, who will cover the entire Los Santos update. While Obey Tailgater S can be purchased without participating in the story content, it’s great that it finally becomes the core of that game mode. Players can obtain Obey Tailgater S in the following ways.

How to get Obey Tailgater S in GTA Online

GTA Online Los Santos equalizer update

While the Obey Tailgater S launches as part of the Los Santos Tuners update, players can purchase the item without touching any other new content. Players will be able to purchase the car from Legendary Motorsport for $1,495,000. This vehicle can then be stored in the garage and customized at Los Santos Customs. The Los Santos Tuners update also has its own Car Meet Mod store where players can modify their vehicles and unlock new content before other players. New car Update new car to fit the mold.

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