Hero of New Manga Wields A Sword As Terrifying As Naruto’s Samehada

The unsung hero of the show mosin hunter Wielding a terrifying sword hungry for life energy, like the sword from the sentient Sahada Naruto. But unlike the almost touching relationship between Katsuki and his master Kisame, the Makin hunter seems less than happy with the nature of his weapon.

Samejada is best known for Naruto Because during Kisame’s time as a member of the criminal group “Akatsuki” led by Itachi Uchiha, he chose his weapon (although Shamesu also chose him). The scary thing about this particular blade is not only that it has the ability to sense and get nutrients from chakra, but also that it likes to devour this life energy, and this life energy obviously tastes unique and pleasant, just like Killer B’s Octopus tastes like chakra. But the more the reader understands how much Samehada cares about his users, the less creepy he becomes, such as when he chooses Kissam despite being notoriously picky, especially when he mourns Kissam of death.

Until now, there hasn’t been such a cute connection between the nameless protagonist and his sword. mosin hunter. However, it became clear that the hunter had no choice but to seek out the living soul known as Mosin to satisfy his blade’s hunger, and actively worried when Mosin had not been killed for a long time, although it was never directly It shows that he was forced to kill. That said, the reader almost wants the sword to force him to hunt down Mosin, since the unsung hero committed some morally questionable behavior in doing so. In fact, when the Hunter first appears, he kills Mosin for no reason. When Mosin asked the hunter what he had done to deserve his fate, the hunter confirmed this, and the hunter replied: “You didn’t do anything wrong. I just need to borrow your strength.At one point in the comics, the Hunter kills a Mosin, who has been feeding the remains of humans she slaughtered to her mortal children in order to immortalize them, then leaving them alone to mourn her death.

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In the comic series, it is revealed that the sword is possessed by some powerful entity known as the Black Tiger, who can communicate through the Hunter when it chooses. This being is aptly named as it can manifest in the physical realm as black energy in the shape of a black tiger.

Unlike Kurotora and his wielder, Samehada and Kisame’s intentions were made clear almost immediately Naruto. Samuhada needs the nourishment of chakra to survive, and he most likely chose Kisame because he enjoys fighting and prefers to maim his opponents, which means more delicious food.At the same time, readers not only mosin hunter It’s uncertain what the protagonist’s true intentions are and whether his sword works on him, but other mysteries abound and only time will tell. Unfortunately, fans may have to wait a long time to find out the answers to these mysteries, as the book only has 15 chapters. mosin hunter Published since September 2020.

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