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When monsters appear, heroes always stand up and destroy them. It is the law of peace that protects people from the dangers around them. We never succumb to a cruel fate, and always rebel against it. In Hero’s Quest: Automatic RPG, that’s what heroes have to do. They will fight until the monster disappears from this world. Save humanity with your divine power.

Role-playing games have been on the market for a long time and occupy an important place. It continues to improve and become more attractive with high graphics. But with Hero’s Quest: Automatic RPG, going the old way is not boring. Even with that kind of graphics and autoplay, it still beats a lot of other games. There is a dark and deep plot that shows the interest of the developer. Bring real value to people who need quality.

Download Hero’s Quest: Automatic RPG mod – Fight to become stronger

Raising your own strength is extremely important for heroes. So you need to help your character reach the threshold of strong power. This will be done by sending them to the dangerous depths of the land. Here you will fight with many different types of monsters. However, they will not be able to actively attack you as usual. You will control your character to choose any opponent you want. The character will automatically attack when it’s his turn and fight until the enemy is defeated. Keep going until you reach the final victory and get valuable treasure.

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When the enemy or boss is defeated, you will receive a certain amount of gold coins. These gold coins can be used to improve your own power. Do everything you can to become stronger. Buy high-value items to equip yourself and increase your combat power. The stronger the monster, the more money you get.

Heros Quest Auto RPG Mod Download

big world

The vast world of Hero’s Quest: Automatic RPG is divided into many different maps. Every time you reach a certain power threshold and complete a quest, a new map will open. Players can use portals to move to different maps. The map will be recreated with unique landscapes and terrains. Frozen lands, dense forests or dark caves create diversity. Each place has a certain type of monster that lives in large numbers. To prepare to go further, train your own strength. Complete all the missions to get to the new land.

Heros Quest auto RPG mod apk

many items to unlock

In addition to upgrading yourself, you also need to find yourself good equipment. If upgrading will give you basic attributes, then equipment will increase certain attributes. They will be divided into helmets, armor, weapons, capes and rings. These items will give you damage, defense, HP and some other abilities. The higher the attribute, the more terrifying their parameters. You can get these by completing quests. Killing the big boss is also a way for you to get good equipment for yourself. The harder you study, the faster your personality will change.

Heros Quest auto RPG mod android

relic equipment

The power of the gods that came to the world was preserved in the treasure. They are known as relics that contain infinite power. Those who obtain the relic will have certain privileges that it gives them. With our heroes, in addition to equipment, we also need to have our own relic. You can buy these relics for a reasonable price in the store. Relics can only provide certain abilities like equipment. But the numbers it provides are terrible. Scarce relics can put you in danger on the battlefield.

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Discover thousands of mysteries created in the Journey of Heroes: Auto RPG mod. You don’t just control a single character, you can choose any character you want. In total, there are six different character classes and their special attributes. The playstyle of each of these characters will also differ based on what they do. When playing, you have to get used to and adapt to what you have. Find the right gear to help you get the most out of combat.

Download Hero’s Quest: Automatic RPG MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked) for Android

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