Hidden emoji optical illusion is so hard some of you won’t spot it at ALL

IF you’re looking for a really difficult visual trick, look no further than this extremely difficult optical illusion.

Hidden among the pile of emoticon faces is a completely different one, but can you see it?


You see it? Credit: @dajiinouajii

Most people won’t be able to see it at first, and some may not see it at all, it’s that hard.

“I bet you can’t see the hidden emoticon in this picture,” said TikTok user DajiinOuajii after posting the challenge online.

At first, everything looks like a random collection of dots.

But the emoji is hidden by something called an autostereogram.

Some may know it simply as Magic Eye due to a series of books on the trick.

The experience works by tricking our eyes and brain into seeing a three-dimensional scene within a two-dimensional image.

You may be able to see what is hidden if you bring your face closer to the image and slowly zoom out.

If you need help spotting it, look towards the top center of the image.

Eventually, you should see the eye smileys appear.

You’re not alone if you don’t see it: try it with a friend or family member to see if it shows up for them.

If that proves too difficult, maybe try other optical illusions.

Like this one, which hides an A-list star between the dots.

The hidden emoji is somewhere in this red box, if you can see it.


The hidden emoji is somewhere in this red box, if you can see it Credit: @dajiinouajii

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