Hold On To Me Updates: Is The Robert Pattinson Movie Still Happening?

Will Robert Pattinson and Carey Mulligan still star in the kidnapping thriller? catch me Or was the project canceled? Robert Pattinson in Sunset As Edward the Vampire, but after the series finale, Pattinson used his star power to work on smaller projects. This includes two collaborations with the great David Cronenberg – urban And star map Lunar rover And Lighthouse. He’s only recently started moving towards more mainstream films, such as Christopher Nolan’s films. purpose and – of course – the characters in the title Batman.

In 2012, Pattinson signed a contract to act in the movie catch me Opposite Carey Mulligan. Based on real cases, the film revolves around Mulligan’s Nancy, who returns to her hometown after a failed modeling career to try to reconnect with former billionaire Jimmy (Pattinson), a criminal. He rejects her, so she plans to kidnap and arbitrarily randomize Jimmy with his new love Danny, which is wrong for everyone involved.

the movie was formerly known as nancy and danny and James Marsh signed on to direct in 2012, but what’s the status quo? catch me?

Emphasize that I was postponed to 2013

Get promoted in an interview The great Gatsby because music TV news Back in 2013, Carey Mulligan confirmed catch me has been postponed indefinitely. The actress explained that they still hadn’t finished production at the time but she still hopes it will progress in the future.

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there are no other updates waiting for me

While it may be manufacturers trying to keep catch me Alive, there are no further updates on the film following Mulligan’s interview. Both the actress and Pattinson have a busy string of projects in this day and age, so the combination of schedules and talent being diverted to other projects could result in a movie going cold. cold after a project misses the initial moment.

wait i won’t happen

Robert Pattinson has always been the devil

in spite of catch me Still listed as under development, now looks like that will happen. It is possible that the project will be restarted in the future with a new creative team, but Carey Mulligan and Robert Pattinson have already left. Theory of everything Alongside director Andrew Garfield in musical biopic musical instrument.

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