How Long Murn Has Been A Butterfly (Peacemaker Timeline Clues Explained)

Warning: Contains spoilers peace episode 5.

end peace Episode 4 reveals that Clemson Moon is a butterfly and Episode 5 delves deeper into his past story, but it’s still unclear exactly how long Moon has been a butterfly. So far, Butterfly has been considered the main antagonist peace TV series series. While it’s possible that Amanda Waller or the White Dragon could be the main villains, Munn’s role and history as a butterfly is certainly important.

during the early period peace In episode 3, “Better Goff Dead,” Clemson Murn (Chukwudi Iwuji) is particularly stoic and apathetic, including a discussion of how he tries to better express his feelings. When Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) calls Murn at the end of episode 4, he hangs up, before it is revealed that he has a proboscis and eats food just like other butterflies. In episode 5, he asks Rock (Christopher Heyerdahl) to take the place of the evergreen police captain and help trap Augie Smith (Robert Patrick), recalling the clash the two had in the Niasir jungle, and Neil Yasser as a fictional character of the Northeast. African Country in DC Comics.

There’s a lot about how peaceThe unexplored work of butterflies. It seems safe to assume that butterflies retain memories of the hosts they live in, making it easier for them to assimilate after taking over the Senator and his family. This means that Moon never grew up like a butterfly because he knew the reference berenstein bear And apple dumpling gang. Mohn pointed out to Locke in their conversation that he had “change“Ever since they were in Nyasir, it has been suggested that he became the master of butterflies after that conflict.

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When Murn was first introduced, he was very reserved. No one seemed to think it was strange because it matched the stories they had heard about them. So it’s implied that Munn’s flightiness makes him want to open up more emotionally, perhaps in part to be able to fit in better as a human. If that’s the case, then based on his conversation with John in episode 3, Murn appears to be in the early stages of this journey and could have become the host just before the event. peace TV series.

While most butterfly hosts seem to have completely lost control of the butterfly and become an animal, it wasn’t until Leota ventured to expose him that this side of Murn was seen. This suggests that Murn is able to hold on to more of himself, which may be what makes him part of the ARGUS team that is useful to Waller. peace The Murn mission was intentionally organized to better fight Butterflies.

It’s worth noting that the fight Mohn and Rock alluded to could be the key to Butterfly’s current quest and still ongoing. Despite being a butterfly, Murn did nothing to stop Goff’s butterfly assassination and took full part in his group’s attack on the Glan Tai bottling plant that provided butterfly food. Since Clemson Murn was apparently inhabited by butterflies before the event peace television series, he has chosen to allow these missions to continue, making it clear that he opposes butterflies invading Earth and is working with Amanda Waller to stop it.

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