How to Activate UAV Towers in Warzone 2 DMZ

Drone Tower is Al Mazrah’s POI on DMZ . map Battlefield 2.0 The player must interact with it during faction missions,”Al-Qatala informant: Activate 1 Drone Tower. For those unfamiliar with military acronyms, drones refer to “unmanned aerial vehicles” and can also be defined as remotely controlled aircraft. Thus, the small satellite towers scattered on this DMZ map are capable of calling Drones to survey the surrounding area. Once activated, Drone Tower will temporarily show warriors the location of enemy AI and other hostile players.

While using a drone tower as a surveillance tool to reveal enemy locations is certainly a boon to survival, most fans will probably be looking for a tower to complete. their related DMZ faction missions Battlefield 2.0. Fortunately, the completion”Al-Qatala informant: Activate 1 Drone TowerThe quest is easy, but the journey to find the tower is full of dangers. Once in the DMZ match, open Tac-Map and look for the white icon that looks like an ISP tower. These icons show the location of the drone tower.

Activate Drone Tower in Warzone 2.0

Therefore, please complete”Activate 1 Drone Tower” exist Battlefield 2.0 Head to one of these tower icons displayed on the Tac Map. Depending on where the individual appears, drone towers can be hundreds of meters away. A great way to get to your destination quickly is to drive a vehicle, such as an SUV or military truck. However, keep in mind enemy players and hostile AI Battlefield 2.0 Always wandering around every corner. In addition, drone towers are usually heavily guarded by AI soldiers, but drone towers on the outskirts of central cities may not be protected.

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After reaching the drone tower Battlefield 2.0 DMZ, the player can activate the device by approaching the control panel and pressing the button or key displayed by the prompt. An animation of the character typing on the console will be played, after which the participant will complete the task and receive a reward for mining. However, those who couldn’t escape need not worry, even in battlefield. It should be noted that players should take advantage of the small map signal provided by the tower upon activation. According to Dot Esports, AI soldiers will be displayed as red diamond outlines, but other players will be displayed as red diamonds on the minimap Battlefield 2.0 demilitarized zone.

Source: Dot Esports

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