How to Clear Instagram Cache on iOS and Android?

Do you want to clear your Instagram cache?

If you haven’t cleared the cache in a while, it might speed up the program.

If you’ve noticed that Instagram often crashes, stops updating, or doesn’t load your feed or stories, it’s time to clear the app’s cache. Plus, it frees up space on your phone’s memory, which is crucial for devices with limited capacity.

Today, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. It may be necessary at some point to clear the Instagram cache on your iPhone or Android device. In this blog post, we will see how to clear IG cache effectively to improve user experience.

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  • What is Instagram cache?
  • How to clear Instagram cache on iOS devices?
  • How to clear Instagram cache on Android devices?
  • What happens after clearing the Instagram cache?
  • How to delete search history on Instagram?
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Instagram cache?

Temporary files and copies of pages are stored in the cache folder in the internal memory of the smartphone. Most of them include user preferences, saved passwords, cookies, previously downloaded content, and reports on completed tasks. All this enables the acceleration of the device and the application of Instagram.

Cache plays a key role in instantly viewing content and reducing mobile data usage. The Instagram app loads some pages from the cache and not from the network over the Internet. It works fast for that.

However, when the RAM is full, the Instagram app may stop working, run slow, crash, cause problems, stop updating, or stop loading content. The remedy could be an app update. But it often happens that you have to clear the Instagram cache to make it work properly again.

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How to clear Instagram cache on iOS devices?

Instagram for iOS needs to be removed and then reinstalled to clear the cache. However, it’s important to note that when you clear cached data, you don’t lose access to important downloads.

Let’s explain how to complete the task:

  • Find the Instagram app icon on your iPhone’s home screen.
  • When the app menu opens next to it, touch and hold the app icon on the home screen. Or wait until you notice other apps moving around you.
  • Select “Delete App” from the list of options in the menu or click on the “minus” sign that you can see on the top right corner of the app.
  • When prompted, click “Delete.” Tap Delete
  • You can reinstall the Instagram app from the App Store and you can now log into your account as usual.

Also, disable iCloud backup to avoid app restore. The Instagram cache on your iOS device should now be clean.

How to clear Instagram cache on Android devices?

On Android smartphones, you don’t need to delete the app or log out of your Instagram account like you do on iOS. To get started, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Tap “Settings” on your phone.
  • Now find the “Applications” option by scrolling down. select apps
  • Once you have done that, select “Other apps” by clicking on it. Select Instagram from the list you see after that.
  • You can now select “Storage” to reveal the “Clear cache” option. You can see that the button is grayed out when you click on it. You may also notice that the cache size has decreased to 0 bytes. Storage settings on Instagram

voila! On an Android smartphone, clearing Instagram cache data is as easy as clearing texts.

NOTE: The Instagram app for Android will be reset if the cache is cleared. When you clear your cache, you risk losing your downloaded photos or videos. Save the critics, so as not to lose them.

What happens after clearing the Instagram cache?

In short, the data obtained automatically from Instagram will be deleted. You’ve probably seen most of them while browsing Instagram. Your phone’s memory will no longer contain them.

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You can still access your profile messages, photos, and videos. Unlike being stored on your device, they are stored on Instagram’s servers.

How to delete search history on Instagram?

Your Instagram search history is additional data that you may want to delete. This could speed up the application’s performance and save a small amount of RAM. However, the main goal of cleaning is privacy.

There are two ways to delete Instagram history. The methods used to access the query list differed between them. However, the result will be the same in both situations.

Using the Research tab

On the Explore page, you can quickly clear your search list. This can be done using a web browser on a computer, as well as an iPhone or Android smartphone.

Here’s how to delete Instagram search history:

  • Select the magnifying glass icon from the menu below.
  • You can view your entire search history by touching the search field. Recent search history
  • Touch “See All” to clear the entire search.
  • Select “Delete All”.

Using the profile menu

  • On your iPhone or Android device, open the Instagram app and tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the app.
  • Tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner of your profile page.Tap the burger menu
  • Select “Your Activity” from the menu.
  • Tap “Recent Searches” under the “Your Activity” tab.
  • Select the “X” next to the item you want to remove to remove it individually, or simply tap “Remove All” at the top of the screen to get rid of all listed searches.


If you use Instagram a lot, the app data will surely continue to accumulate on your device. Also, if you want the app to run faster, you should clear the cache frequently.

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However, you should not go too far and regularly delete Instagram data. When the application slows down significantly or crashes, it is advisable to clean it up if necessary. But if you are worried that some data will be lost when you clear the Instagram cache, you may want to download the data first.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do we need to clear Instagram cache?

Answer: From time to time we need to clear the Instagram cache, that’s true. For example, it might be slower if the device’s memory is limited and the amount of data stored is growing.

You may also notice that the program lags occasionally. If so, clearing the Instagram cache can help make your device and the Instagram app run faster.

How to clear Instagram cache without deleting the app?

Answer: You don’t need to uninstall an app to clear cache on Android. However, this is not the case for iOS devices.

Will clearing the Instagram cache delete my downloaded photos?

Answer: Yes, make sure you save your saved photos and videos on Instagram somewhere because it may delete your saved data.

What is the difference between ‘Clear cache’ and ‘Clear data’?

Answer: An easier alternative to clearing data is to clear the cache. When you clear your Instagram cache, only a few outdated images and videos are removed; but, when you delete data, all data is deleted, including user preferences and message threads with their responses.

Is Instagram cache slowing down my device?

Answer: Yes, Instagram cache can cause your mobile device to slow down when there is a lot of cache. Other applications may use the cached space to function properly. The slowdown is there, although it’s often hard to see.

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