How To Escape Blue Knees in MADiSON

As Luca navigates an alternate version of horror at his grandfather’s house madison, the player will encounter terrifying green knee creatures. Blue Knees are tall, skinny, otherworldly creatures with sharp teeth and no eyes. Throughout the game, the Blue Knees constantly track the player, appearing and disappearing. If the player is captured by the Blue Knees, they will pass out and wake up in the safe room. However, to continue the story, the player needs to find a way to escape.

There are some repetitive elements in it madison This is important to learn more about the story, advance the plot and find a way out of the Blue Knee. One is the instant camera that protagonist Luca gets at the start of the game. Instant cameras are used to take pictures of everything in the house, but in certain locations the images change or reveal clues. The phonograph that appears throughout the house is another recurring element that is central to the story of the Blue Knees.

To escape from the Blue Knee, the player needs to find and operate the gramophone. Of the six available gramophones, two will randomly show the player one of the Blue Knees’ eyeballs. These are the items needed to prevent the Blue Knees from chasing the player and escaping once and for all.

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When the player interacts with the gramophone at his grandfather’s house madison, the blue knee will appear. The gramophone needs to be rotated to play the song, and to see if the Blue Knees’ eyeballs appear, the player needs to play the entire song. Although the mechanics are simple, when the song plays, Blue Knees will appear and chase the player. The secret to stopping the Blue Knees is to collect his lost eyeballs and place them back into the holes in the safe room floor; If the player takes a picture of the hole with their camera, they will see a series of eyeballs on the floor, hinting at what needs to be done.

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Players will know when the Blue Knees appear madison Strange echo accompanied by screen vibration. When players first learn about the Blue Knees through this scary children’s book, they are told that he is afraid of light and uses bright lights to protect himself. The only bright object for the player is the camera flash, so when the Blue Knees appear, take a picture of it. Blue Knees will gradually appear and disappear, but the camera flash will make him disappear temporarily. Continue spinning the phonograph’s crank until the song ends, then check to see if an eyeball appears in the hole in the phonograph’s horn.

After the player finds the two eyeballs, return to the safe room with the candles and blocks on the floor. Placing two eyeballs in the hole in the floor, Luca will confirm that his grandmother is not sick, that she has committed no murder and that Blue Knee is responsible for everything. The room will go dark and the Blue Knees will capture Luca while the player takes a few pictures to see what’s going on. This time, Luca will wake up in a different room, but he has escaped from the green knee. Head down the hallway and follow Madison’s ghost to complete the story.

madison Available on PC, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Playstation 4.

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