How To Find Night Shards In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Shard of Night is a crafting material Disney Dream Valley Players will need them during some of the main story missions and character quests in their adventure. Not to be confused with shiny pink dream shards, night shards are black crystals cut out that look like their dream shards, but lack color. Usually, dreamers must obtain these black gems to craft magical or magical items that restore villagers’ memories after being forgotten. Anyway, Night Shards is a resource that everyone must collect and know how to farm to continue their journey Dream valley.

Although there may be many known sources of Night Shards Disney Dream Valley, the most common and reliable way to obtain this resource is to dig the mounds with the Royal Shovel. The Royal Shovel is a tool that players receive at the start of their journey and can be used to mine Rift Points in each biome. Once deleted, these mound nodes do not disappear permanently, but instead, they reappear in multiple locations on the map every few hours.

Location of The Night Shard at Disney’s Valley of Light

As a result, the amount of Night Shards a player can get is technically unlimited, as long as they don’t mind spending it. Disney Dream Valley. According to some community members like PunchNShoot, these fragments can only be obtained from “large” mounds, not from smaller nodes of the cracked earth. Additionally, players may notice that the mounds they encounter in the valleys come in two main sizes, with one being significantly larger than the other. Therefore, these larger nodes can have a higher probability of generating night fragments. Therefore, concentrating on mining the larger earth nodes can be useful if the player has difficulty obtaining these black crystals during their adventure.

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Once the newcomer arrives Disney Dream Valley, they may be curious about how to use this resource. As mentioned above, these shards are used for crafting at the crafting table, especially for crafting the Night of Purification shard. The Purification Night Fragment is a must-have item that the player will often see in many quest sequences in the game. This shard variant is crafted using five Night Shards and one Dream Shard. Therefore, if the player needs Disney Dream Valley But finding they lacked the Night Shards, they were able to get the Royal Shovel and dig the ground.

Source: Youtube/PunchNShoot

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