I share everything with my bestie – our wives would go crazy if they found out

DEAR DEIDRE: WHEN my best friend told me he thought my wife was in shape, I sent him a naked picture I took on WhatsApp and asked him to send me one of his misses in return.

Since then we regularly exchange naughty pictures of our wives, but now I worry about other people being able to see them.

I am 38 years old and my wife is 35 years old.

My best friend, whom I met in the garage where we work, is 36 and his wife is 33.

A friend of mine and I were having drinks after work a few months ago when we started discussing domestic pornography.

I told him that my wife and I regularly record our sex life on our phones and also send each other nudes.

We both had one too many, so when he said he thought my wife looked good, I agreed to show him one of my photos.

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He admired it and said how lucky I was, so I passed it on to him.

In return, he sent me one of his topless wives. Since then we have sent each other several pictures.

They are real ignition.

In an ideal world, we would both enjoy swapping wives, but neither of our wives would agree.

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In fact, women don’t know that we send their photos to each other. If I’m being honest, I know my wife wouldn’t like it.

Someone told me the other day that WhatsApp is easy to infiltrate and that anyone else can see the pictures.

I’m panicking now. I worry that they might fall into the wrong hands. Do I have a right to worry?

DEIDRE SAYS: WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption, which means it’s safe to use and nobody can hack your messages. But you should still be worried.

You’ve betrayed your wife’s trust and even though no one else can access your messages except you and your friend, what’s stopping him from sharing them on social media or with other people?

Sending nude or pornographic photos of someone without their consent is a crime.

It is known as revenge porn.

You did this without your wife’s knowledge. And if she is not aware, she cannot consent.

If she, or your partner’s wife, finds out what you are doing, you could be prosecuted. And not forgetting that your marriage would be over.

Delete the photos and stop sending them to each other.

Your women’s bodies do not belong to you and are not yours to share.

Pictures posed by models.

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