Ice Age: 10 Hilarious Quotes From The First Film

Ice Age It’s a classic family movie for many reasons. Its content is unique in the world of children’s movies, featuring a ragtag group of solitary animals who eventually band together to bring a baby human back to its “herd,” while the characters themselves are cute and funny.

Probably the best thing about this movie is the audience’s reliable laugh.Whether it is the 50th time after watching it every day in childhood, or rewatching it with your own children, the first time Ice Age The movie is full of humor, uplifting and entertaining.

Come on kids, you can play Extinction later

One animal evacuated the area with others, urging his children to stop playing in a mud puddle pretending to be stuck. The scene is reminiscent of the ones often seen in nature documentaries where some animal dies tragically, leading to its extinction – the commentary here is dark, but the irony is amusing because the scene is self-aware.

Give it up, Sid.You know humans can’t talk

Sid, Manny, Diego and Baby

These animals have a humorous, ongoing awareness that humans are generally less intelligent than they are. The way the characters talk about humans mimics the way real-life humans talk about animals, thinking they are superior. Here, Manny mocks Sid for being so naive in thinking humans can actually communicate – perhaps similar to how some people mock those who talk to their pet dogs or cats!

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Sid, Lord of Fire

Sid in the foreground, Manny and Diego in the background, walking in the snow from Ice Age

Sid said this classic line from the movie after lighting a bonfire for everyone. It’s an interesting scene, especially since fires were usually a big deal in those times (as humans had only recently discovered it), and it’s echoed in animals that love human activity, and it becomes quite comical. It was especially enjoyable to see the group joking and having fun with each other and their tension starting to melt away.

I’m not fully breastfeeding yet, my friend.

Manny, Sid, Diego and the baby

The team tried to figure out how to feed the baby, who kept crying without any sign of why. When they finally consider that he might be hungry and Manny suggests that Sid feed him, Sid’s typically witty and comical response provides a neat example of the adult humor incorporated into the film’s dialogue— Kids may not know what “breastfeeding” is, but adults will definitely giggle.

They gagged me with field mice

Sid the sloth

Sid explains how his family used to treat him when they set off on their travels. Sid revealed how unlikeable his family thought he was and explained how hard they went to ensure they didn’t have to take him anywhere. This is a drama about how annoying Sid is meant to be—despite how lovable he becomes in the process.

You are a disgrace to nature, you know that?

Sid Swimming

Sid is a frequent target of Manny’s ridicule, giving him ample opportunity to use Sid as a reference point for Manny’s comments about the animal kingdom.

While animals are often thought of as agile and better at navigating the natural world, Sid is shown to be clumsy in almost all situations – in this case, he tried to climb a cliff, but promptly fell off .

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The last of our women are gone

dodo around melon

The dodo scene is one of the most ridiculous and funniest scenes in the movie. A group of strange birds are so concerned about the end of the world as they know it that they are comically depicted running like a military operation. When one of the dodos dies in a panic, the rest lament that they have just lost their last female dodo—a joke that fits in with the current state of animals banding together to survive the long, cold winters of the Ice Age About tragic and funny.

Just like that, you are separated from the crowd

Sid speaks

Sid, Diego and Manny eventually form a unit, or as Manny calls it, a “group.” This is a sign of their mutual acceptance and the bond they share.

When they discover that Diego has been cheating on them, Sid makes it clear that Diego is no longer welcome in their “group.”

Diego, say that. You don’t know where it went.

diego in ice age

In the Ice Age series, it’s a running joke that Sid is dirty and unhappy. When Manny catches Diego biting Sid, his only reaction is to comment on the health risks Diego faces, a joke reminiscent of what many people hear people tell their dogs after putting something unfortunate in their mouths if.

Survive. of. Most suitable!

lenny and oscar, tiger

Sid, the laziest and most useless member of the group, once shines when he jumps on an attacking tiger and traps him in a hole. As he jumps, he yells the well-known term “survival of the fittest” – which is funny, considering Sid isn’t exactly survival of the fittest. In this moment, Sid is at his funniest, displaying the character’s immense sense of humor, rivaled only by that of Scrat, who technically doesn’t even have a line to quote.

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