Inflation RPG MOD APK (High damage/Max HP) 1.7.2

What if you could evolve to a higher level with Inflation RPG? Will your enemies tremble when they realize the terrifying potential you can carry? Accumulate all the basics of magic and weapons. Use them to create an abundant source of power. Complete victory in the war of large scale, great disparity in strength. Save all the innocent people from the evil force that is ravaging the world. Be the savior of the peerless hero.

Leveling up and progressing is nothing new to RPGs. This is the feature that everyone can identify with this fun game. Inflation RPG completes a legendary fantasy world for you. Heroes save the world and create miracles just like in the book. But it’s not just boring stuff. It also makes you sweat a lot in the conditions you create. Quick and easy development is not easy as it requires effort and knowledge.

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Like other games, you start out as a hero for nothing. We will find the base character to accept the first quest. Also, get some bootable devices so you can get the job done. You will gradually build up your abilities by defeating opponents. Collect more coins through merchants to buy better equipment. Find amazing treasures from the forbidden places of ancient forces. We can always find something better and overcome great challenges. Just press a button and it will take you to the vast land of the age of knights.

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Indispensable for heroes in a great adventure is their equipment. A complete Inflation RPG outfit will include weapons, armor, and other trinkets. The biggest attack booster is the hero’s weapon. They have higher stats and the higher the rarity of the described weapon. Armor will contribute quite a bit to your defense. Jewels just give you some extra stats to perfect yourself. We need more powerful weapons in each chapter to meet the demand. Explore the enemies and see if you have what it takes to face them.

Inflation RPG mod apk

defeat god

The ruler of the land and the terror of all commoners is the lord. No one has ever defeated them, because their ability is so terrible. So when you’re about to finish a chapter, you’ll unlock a plot that counters them. We will have to intensify our search for more powerful weapons. But this is not enough, because your strength also needs to be accompanied by skill. We had to move very skillfully to avoid being attacked. Protect HP from being quickly destroyed by bosses. Or, you can make yourself better to compensate for this skill.

Inflation RPG free mod


Your position in the game is the primary concern of all involved. Are you the one to finish this game with the fastest time? Or the one with the most terrible power that no one can overcome? All your progress is aggregated and added to a list. So it’s easy to see where you are and your efforts are culminating in the Inflation RPG mod.

Download Inflation RPG MOD APK (High Damage/Max Health) for Android

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