Initial friendship. 67-year-old Canadian man has been best friends with polar bears for 23 years

A man from Canada has a friendship with a polar bear. A man has adopted this bear since it was born. The polar bear is an unusual pet. The man’s name was Marc Dumas. He is 67 years old. He has been friends with polar bears for 23 years.

This bear is an unexpected friend to man. They can often be seen swimming together in the pool.

Marc is an animal trainer. He is very professional. The polar bear is 23 years old and gets along very well with his trainer. Polar bears simply love spending time with their owners.

Man worships animals and animals worship him. But the bond between him and the polar bear is very strong and nothing can compare. Angie has everything she needs. She is surrounded by love and care.

The bear weighs 350 kg and has been used to being surrounded by people since birth. Medvjedica played her first movie role in 1995. The teddy bear also acted in commercials.

The polar bear used to bite when he was young, but after a while he got rid of this habit thanks to a trainer. One cannot imagine his life without this cute bear.

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