Iron Man & Black Panther’s Vampire Massacre Exposed Their Big Difference

Jason Aaron’s Continuous Run Detachment of revenge Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have been seen battling countless foes, but Iron Man and Black Panther’s battle against Dracula’s evil vampire army reveals the inherent philosophical difference between the two. two characters.

Both Tony Stark and King T’Challa have been around for decades, and while the two heroes have fought side-by-side in Avengers and other hero teams countless times, they’ve also often been diametrically opposed to their respective themes. topics such as technology use, futurism, culture and personal responsibility. Their main philosophical and ethical differences can be traced back to their upbringing, with Tony being born in a capitalist American nation and T’Challa becoming king under a spirit-centered philosophy. more divine than Wakanda. But their different beliefs are perhaps most apparent when dealing with the reality of death.

Tony and T’Challa see death differently

Vengeance Squad #14 (2019) – Written by Jason Aaron and David Marquez and illustrated by Justin Ponso and Eric Assiniga – Follows T’Challa’s new Avengers team against Dracula’s Shadow Colonel, his legion of undead and his henchmen after Vampire civil war broke out between different groups of the world’s desperate army of vampire rulers. After Count Dracula’s castle in Transylvania fell, the various factions in vampire society fell into utter turmoil, all trying to gain power from the other side, leading to the collapse of the vampire society. Formation of a group of African vampires known as the Adze clan Infiltrate the Wakanda Mounds and attempt to steal Vibranium. While T’Challa offers to make them stop to help find a cure for the vampires, Adze continues their assault, forcing Black Panther and Iron Man to slaughter the clan with energy weapons. their solar energy, eliminating all vampires that entered Wakanda. As they slaughtered vampires—a necessary yet brutal act—Iron Man couldn’t help but think, “They are not human. They are vampires. monsters that live by killing people,” As Panther mused, “These things are people. Damaged and disfigured, but they were once men, just like me. “

Tony’s career as an industrialist and hero was built on building the future, but his reliance on individualism led him to distance himself from personal responsibility, because After all, he is only responsible for his own ideas. Meanwhile, T’Challa’s role as King of Wakanda (predecessor) forces him to think together about taking responsibility not only for his intentions but also for the unintended consequences of his actions. he caused. Also known as the Lord of the Dead, T’Challa has a special connection with death and the afterlife, as the panther god Bast has endowed him with the knowledge and experience of all cheetahs. in the past. Therefore, he has no choice but to acknowledge the fallen humanity of the vampire Adze and face the horrors of their deaths.

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Two Avengers Icons Disagree Over Personal Responsibility

Avengers #14 (2019) Iron Man and Black Panther vs.  Vampires 1

Tony Stark is well known for his selfish personal and business choices, and it is often difficult to accept responsibility for past mistakes, although his time recovering from alcoholism has helped him overcome this obstacle. While Iron Man could only take the lives of these vampires by denying their humanity and labeling them monsters – in a very horrifying, painful way, Black Panther had to admit it. their humanity to motivate those who need it to fight stronger in the future. However, for much of their long partnership, Black Panther and Iron Man were able to put these differences aside and fight for the same goal, often both wanting peace. peace and prosperity alike in their world, only from very different points of view.

Avengers teammates, Black Panther and Iron Man, are two of the most philosophically opposing heroes in the MCU, and this gruesome but necessary carnage exposes how Tony Stark and T’Challa look. the world is different.

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