Is Brian Harman Married? Who is Brian Harman Wife?

Is Brian Harman Married? Yes, he has been married to Kelly Van Slyke since 2014. They have three children and are a close loving family that supports Brian’s golf career.

Is Brian Harman Married?

Yes, Brian Harman is married. He tied the knot with Kelly Van Slyke on December 13, 2014. The couple have been together for several years and have a strong, loving relationship. They have three children together: a daughter named Copper Marie and two sons named Walter and Jack. The family lives in Sea Island, Georgia.

Who is Brian Harman’s wife?

Kelly Van Slyke is the wife of professional golfer Brian Harman. She was born in New York and graduated with a degree in biology in 2007. The couple met a few years ago when Kelly was working as a pilates instructor, and Brian was an avid golfer from an early age. They got engaged in 2014 in a unique and romantic way – Brian taped the engagement ring to the inside pocket of her new camouflage pants.

They eventually tied the knot in November 2014, but had to postpone the wedding due to a college football game. Kelly and Brian have kept their relationship relatively private, and there aren’t many photos of them on social media. They have a loving family and enjoy spending time with their three children.

The Age of Brian Harman

As of the current date, Brian Harman is a 36-year-old American professional golfer. He was born on January 19, 1987 in Savannah, Georgia. Harman developed a passion for golf from an early age, and his dedication to the sport led him to become one of the most recognized golfers in the United States.

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Harman’s journey in the world of golf has been marked by dedication, perseverance and constant improvement. As he continues to compete on the PGA Tour, fans and enthusiasts eagerly await to witness more exceptional performances from this talented golfer.

Height of Brian Harman

Brian Harman is five feet seven inches tall, which is approximately 170 centimeters. Standing at this height, he possesses a compact and athletic build, typical of many professional golfers. Despite not being one of the tallest players on the PGA Tour, Harman has shown that height is not a limiting factor in golfing success.

In the world of golf, players come in all shapes and sizes, and what really matters is their skill, technique and mental strength on the course. While some golfers may have a height advantage for certain shots or aspects of the game, Harman has proven to be an excellent competitor and has achieved significant success in his career.

Brian Harman’s parents

Brian Harman is the son of Eric Harman, his father, and Nancy Harman, his mother. Although limited information is publicly available about his parents, it is clear that they played a key role in shaping Brian’s life and supported his journey as a professional golfer. Like many parents, Eric and Nancy were instrumental in nurturing his passion for golf from an early age and encouraging his pursuit of excellence in the sport. Although not widely known in the public eye, their unwavering support undoubtedly contributed to Brian’s success and achievements on the golf course.

Brian Harman’s Children

In addition to a successful golf career, Brian Harman is also a devoted family man. He and his wife, Kelly Van Slyke, share a beautiful, loving family. The couple is blessed with three children, each of whom brings joy and happiness to their lives. Their daughter Copper Marie holds a special place in their hearts because she is the first born. After Copper, they welcomed their sons, Walter and Jack, completing their close family unit.

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As devoted parents, Brian and Kelly prioritize family time and creating fond memories with their children. Despite the demands of his golf career, Brian ensures that he is actively involved in his children’s lives, witnessing their milestones and supporting them in their endeavours. The bond and affection of the Harman family is evident both on and off the golf course as they go through life’s adventures together.

Brian Harman’s golf career

Brian Harman is a famous professional golfer from the United States who plays on the PGA Tour. He turned pro in 2009 and has shown steady improvement throughout his career. Harman has enjoyed significant success in golf, winning three tournaments on the PGA Tour, including a major championship win at the 2023 Open.

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