Is Cheeny Plante Married? Who is Cheeny Plante? 

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Who is Cheeny Plante?

Cheeny Plante is a contestant on the popular survival show Naked and Scared: The Last One Standing and is catching the attention of fans with her third appearance on the show. However, when it comes to her personal life, little is known, leaving fans in the dark about her background and relationships.

Plante demonstrated her survival skills in the show’s additional season, enduring the challenges of South Africa’s grasslands and deserts for an impressive 21 days. This marked her second successful run on the show, following her previous run on “Naked and Scared: Solo,” which ended on April 30, 2023. Plante can currently be seen competing on “Naked & Afraid: Last Man Standing” alongside to fellow contestants Jeff Zausch and Sarah Bartell.

Born in February 1964, Plante’s name is Charlene and her mother, Karen McCarthy, lives in Sanford, Maine. Although her father’s name is mentioned as James Plante, this has not been officially confirmed. Records show James Plante, who is 58, lives in Springvale, Maine.

Plante also has a brother named Spencer Plante, who works as an assistant loan officer at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. Spencer has previous experience working for Mortgage Network Inc. and Residential Mortgage Services Inc., and holds license NMLS #1760.

Plante attended Sanford High School before pursuing higher education at the University of Southern Maine, where she played golf. After school, she became a SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) specialist in the Air Force, serving in the 1st Special Operations Support Squadron.

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Along with her military background, Plante is an entrepreneur who runs her own property maintenance company called Black Cap Services. She expressed interest in further education in maritime systems, shipbuilding and sustainable agriculture.

During her time on “Naked and Scared,” Plante showed resourcefulness by repurposing animal hides into items such as shoes, a headdress, a kilt and a backpack. These creations helped her stay warm and mobile while remaining active in challenging environments. Despite her impressive survival skills and experiences on the show, Plante expressed satisfaction with her life in New England and feels no need to continue participating in future seasons.

Is Cheeny Plante Married?

Cheeny Plante maintains a level of privacy regarding her marital status, making it unknown to the public. She has chosen to keep her personal life separate from her public persona, so limited information is available on her social media profiles. Furthermore, she continues to use her maiden name, suggesting that she may be unmarried or choose not to take her spouse’s surname in the traditional way.

Actively keeping her personal life private, Plante shows a desire to focus on her professional endeavors rather than discuss her relationships or marital status. This decision may be rooted in her desire to maintain boundaries between her public and private life, protecting her personal belongings from unnecessary scrutiny.

In an era where public figures often share various aspects of their personal lives on social media, Plante’s approach stands out as a deliberate choice to protect her privacy. This decision is worthy of respect because individuals have the right to determine the level of personal information they wish to disclose.

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Cheeny Plante boyfriend

There is currently no information available on Cheeny Planta’s relationship status or whether she has a boyfriend. Since she keeps her personal life a secret, she does not reveal the details of her love affairs publicly. Therefore, it is not known whether he is in a relationship or not. Plante’s focus lies primarily on her professional endeavors, and she chooses not to share her personal life with the public, including information about her dating or relationship status.

Respecting her privacy means refraining from speculating about her personal life and instead focusing on her achievements and contributions.

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