Is Karl Anthony Towns Married? Who Is Karl Anthony Towns?

Dominican-American professional basketball player Karl-Anthony Towns is currently single. Learn more about his parents, girlfriend and the impressive basketball career of one of the dominant NBA centers. Stay informed about the latest happenings, discover intriguing facts and gain valuable insights through interesting and informative general articles on Fresherslive!

Is Karl Anthony Towns Married?

So far he is not married or engaged to anyone. Karl-Anthony Towns, a standout basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, is attracting attention not only for his skills on the court, but also for his romantic life. However, that doesn’t mean he’s not in a relationship. Karl is in a committed relationship with Jordyn Woods since 2020.

Jordyn Woods, a famous model and social media personality, came into the limelight as a close friend of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Her relationship with Karl-Anthony Towns has become public knowledge, and the couple has been seen sharing cute moments on social media and attending events together. Their relationship has been warmly received by fans, who admire their connection and mutual support in their endeavors.

As both Karl-Anthony Towns and Jordyn Woods continue to excel in their respective fields, they also find strength and companionship in each other. While marriage or engagement may not be on the horizon, their love and commitment to each other is evident, making them a notable couple in the world of entertainment and sports. As they journey through life together, fans eagerly await the continued growth of their relationship and the happiness they bring to each other’s lives.

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Who is Karl Anthony Towns?

Karl-Anthony Towns Jr. commonly referred to by the initials KAT, is a talented Dominican-American professional basketball player who represents the Minnesota Timberwolves in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Prior to his NBA career, Towns showcased his skills at the collegiate level while playing for the Kentucky Wildcats. Incredibly, he made a significant impact at a young age, earning a spot in the Dominican Republic national team when he was just 16 years old.

In 2015, Karl-Anthony Towns achieved a remarkable milestone as the first pick in the NBA draft, becoming a key player for the Minnesota Timberwolves. His outstanding performance during the 2015-16 season. led him to be crowned NBA Rookie of the Year, cementing his status as a rising star in the league.

During his career, he continued to impress, earning three well-deserved All-Star selections. Namely, Towns also showed his versatility by winning the NBA three-point contest during the 2021-22 season. With a promising career ahead of him, Karl-Anthony Towns remains a formidable force on the basketball court, leaving a lasting impact on the sport and its fans.


Karl-Anthony Towns Jr.

Birth place

Edison, New Jersey, United States




Minnesota Timberwolves


27 years

Girlfriend of Karl Anthony Towns

Karl-Anthony Towns, a skilled player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, shares a special bond with his girlfriend Jordyn Woods. Their relationship began in 2020, and since then they have been seen together several times, capturing the attention of fans and the public.

Before Jordyn, Karl was in a relationship with Kawahine Andrade, an American model, from 2016 to 2018. However, it was with Jordyn that he found a deep connection, and their romance is the subject of interest and admiration.

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Their love story started a few years ago when they met through a mutual friend. Over time, their friendship grew stronger, eventually developing into a romantic relationship. In mid-2020, Karl and Jordyn officially confirmed their status as a couple and have been open about their love and affection for each other ever since.

As one of the key figures on the Minnesota Timberwolves, Karl-Anthony Towns’ talents extend beyond the basketball court, as his relationship with Jordyn Woods adds to his adoration among fans. As their relationship continues to blossom, fans are eagerly anticipating more candid moments between the pair, making them a significant and respected couple in the world of sports and entertainment.

Karl Anthony Towns Height

At an impressive 7 feet or 2.13 meters tall, Karl-Anthony Towns is an imposing force at the center of today’s basketball landscape. His tall height undoubtedly contributes to his dominance on the field.

However, Karl’s exceptional athletic ability goes beyond his height. His quick reflexes and strong leg power make him an incredible presence both offensively and defensively, excelling in leaping and dribbling.

Moreover, Towns’ hand-eye coordination and shooting form are outstanding, allowing him to display impressive shooting accuracy, even from longer distances. This ability separates him from the usual expectations for players his size, making him a versatile threat on the basketball court.

The Karl-Anthony Towns Family

Karl-Anthony Towns was born on November 15, 1995 in Edison, New Jersey, USA to parents Jacqueline Cruz and Karl Towns Sr. Unfortunately, Towns’ mother passed away in April 2020 due to complications from COVID-19. . Despite this heartbreaking loss, Karl always shared a close bond with his parents, who were a constant source of support throughout his life’s journey.

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In addition to his parents, Karl has two older sisters, Malaika Singleton-Towns and Lachelle Towns, who were a significant part of his upbringing. They all grew up together in Piscataway, New Jersey, where they formed strong family bonds. Although not much information is available about their early education and career choices, it is clear that the Towns family was a key pillar of support for Karl-Anthony Towns, nurturing him throughout his life and contributing to his success in basketball and personal endeavors

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