Is Offset Cheating On Cardi B? Tasha K Reveal Video goes viral on social media

It’s been a few years since Offset cheating rumors surfaced, but still, news of Offset cheating on Cardi B continues to make headlines and leaves fans curious about it. Millions of people are taking over the internet asking why Cardi B stayed with Offset after he cheated on her. If you too have a hard time reading the same thing, this column is for you. In the following sections, we have explained this story in detail. You should stick to this page and read it to the end. Scroll down the page and see below for more details.

Does Cardi B’s cheating make up for it?

A few years ago, Cardi B took to social media to announce that she was divorcing ex-husband Offset after rumors of him cheating on her plagued her. Meanwhile, Cardi B and Offset legally separated at the end of January of that year, but were still together. It seems the cheating rumors haven’t gone away completely, Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend shared a flirty DM Offset sent her on Instagram. But then it was claimed that Offset’s Instagram was hacked when he messaged Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend. In fact, Cardi B addressed the issue herself. Scroll down the page to read more details.

Amid the cheating rumors, fans began asking questions as to why Cardi B didn’t dump Offset even though he cheated on her. Eventually, Cardi B began receiving backlash from fans for not leaving Offset. So she was willing to talk openly about why she didn’t leave Offset at that time. During an interview with Vague, Cardi B confirmed that Offset cheated on her. She said: “When my husband and I got into our troubles, you know, he was cheating on me and everything, and I decided to stay with him and work with him, a lot of people were so mad at me; many women were disappointed in me,”

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cardi b cheating scam

Cardi B went on to say, “When I was pregnant with Kultur, a lot of people were like, oh, he already has three kids; Why would you have a child with someone who has three children? And like, how is that such a bad thing? And with Offset, I feel like his kids add a touch of fun to life when they’re at his house. In fact, I love it. It brings out another side of him that I love to see and I love watching my baby interact with his siblings. The more, the better.”

The reason Cardi B explained why she left Offset was: “I surround myself with so many women and there is always a woman talking about how she loves her man, but her man is not financially stable or has a problem with his mother.” or s3x more not so good. Everybody has problems”.

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