Jamie Petrone Was Sentenced To 9 Years In Prison For Stealing $40M From A University

Jamie Petrone, a former Naugatuck resident and employee of the Yale University School of Medicine, was sentenced to more than nine years in prison on Thursday, October 13, 2022, after previously pleading guilty to stealing $40 million. la university computers and electrical equipment. Petrone, 42, allegedly transferred money from a school account to buy computer equipment, which she then secretly sold to an out-of-state company. On March 28, 2022, Petrone pleaded guilty to two counts: false tax returns and fraud. On September 3, 2021, she was arrested.

Jamie Petrone is accused of instructing people to steal electronics on her behalf.

Jamie Petrone began working in the Emergency Department at Yale University School of Medicine in 2008, according to multiple sources. She later became the financial and administrative director of the Institute of Emergency Medicine.

According to court documents and evidence, her work included creating and approving a number of departmental expenses not to exceed $10,000. According to the Justice Department, Petrone began stealing from the university in 2013, when she ordered or encouraged others to order millions of dollars’ worth of equipment from university suppliers. She used the university’s money to buy. Furthermore, she did not pay taxes from 2013 to 2016, resulting in a loss of $6,416,618 to the US Treasury.

Petrone’s actions cost the Yale University School of Medicine $40,504,200, according to officials. She spends money on herself, including expensive cars, houses, and vacations.

The DOJ said in a brief statement that Petrone used university funds to:

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“…various personal expenses, such as expensive cars, real estate, and annual vacations.”

Jamie Petrone, 43-year-old former Yale Medical School official, was jailed for nine years for defrauding the department of $40 million when she ordered computers for the department and sold them – then used the cash to fund the entrance. live your lavish life Daily Mail Online #Scammers https://t.co/PXnupzqw5p

– ReconSecureComputing (@SecRecon) October 14, 2022

The DOJ also alleges that she promised to turn over the devices to an out-of-state company in exchange for cash. According to the DOJ, Petrone is a director of Maziv Entertainment LLC, an out-of-state company.

In a letter to the court, prosecutor David Novick stated:

“For more than a decade, Jamie Petrone has lived a life few can fathom.” She used the cash to buy multiple mansions in Connecticut and Georgia. She drives luxury cars, including a $100,000 Range Rover, and gives them away to friends and family. She has spent millions on lavish vacations for herself and others, expensive personal products, VIP concert tickets, and spa treatments.

Jamie Petron

Jamie Petrone has agreed to lose $560,421.14 in his bank account as well as six cars in a settlement with the government: two Mercedes Benzes, two Cadillacs, a Land Rover and a Dodge Charger .

She also agreed to pay $40,504,200.08 in restitution to Yale University and $6,416,618 to the IRS.

She also agreed to sell three homes in Connecticut and one in Georgia that were approved by the government.

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