Jersey Shore: Pauly D Introduces His Daughter to Girlfriend Nikki Hall

It looks like things are getting serious between Pauly D and Nikki Hall.this jersey shore star revealed in a recent interview that he has introduced his daughter to his new girlfriend.Paulie and Nicky started dating during their time double shot of love.Nikki will appear in an upcoming episode Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

when jersey shore Founded 11 years ago, Pauly D is a wild and fun DJ who always wants to have a good time. Although Paulie often took different girls home, he was never seen in any type of serious relationship. In 2013, Pauly and Amanda Markert had a daughter and became a father. Although Paulie tends to keep his daughter Amabella out of the spotlight, he does talk about her proudly.during his tenure double shot of love, Pauly got very candid with the ladies about his relationship with his now 7-year-old daughter. While on the show, Pauly seemed to have a close bond with fellow contestant Nikki Hall. Although he chose to remain single at the end of season one, the two rekindled their relationship in season two and then tried their romance again during quarantine.Nikki seems to be part of it jersey shore Because she already knew Paulie’s roommate, she was already with the family.

Pauly’s roommate isn’t the only one who knows his new a promotion for their latest season revenge prankPauly and Vinny were recently interviewed connect. In a joint interview, Pauly revealed that he had introduced his daughter Amabella to girlfriend Nikki Hall. While he didn’t say much about the initial introduction, Pauly revealed in an interview released Tuesday that he’s spending time with his daughter in Rhode Island. He did not say whether Nicky was traveling with him.When asked if she would allow her daughter to be on a dating show double shot of loveVinny and Paulie both quickly responded: “No!Vinny joked that Pauly’s daughter wasn’t even allowed to wear nail polish. Pauly added to Vinny’s comment, claiming that his daughter can’t date until she’s 40.

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Pauley went on to reveal that he does wish Nicky “the only one“But they’re making slow progress. He explained that the Covid-19 pandemic has actually been good for his relationship because he has new free time that he never had before. As a DJ, Pauly is constantly traveling for different gigs, It was difficult for him to find time to focus on a relationship. Now, he has this new time to devote himself to his relationship with Nikki. Pauly said: “timing wise it kinda hits the mark“Although many couples break up because of timing, Pauly said that she has actually”The timing is on my side’ Pauly concluded:I guess the heart wants what it wants.

When Pauley said he was a rookie because of the quarantine, he wasn’t kidding. Not only did he and Nicky Hall spend the entire quarantine together, they even spent the holidays together. jersey shore Fans never imagined that one day, Paulie not only settled down with a girl, but introduced her to his daughter. It’s almost as important, if not bigger, than introducing her to his roommates.

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