Jesse Bongiovi Got To His Long-Term Girlfriend Jesse Light

Over the weekend, Jon Bon Jovi’s son, Jesse Bongiovi, proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Jesse Light. The proposal took place at Bongiovi’s home in East Hampton. Family members were also present to celebrate the happy occasion. Later, the gang was seen celebrating at the Surf Lodge in Montauk, New York. According to a Page Six source, Surf Lodge workers brought out a few magnums to mark the occasion. Jesse’s brother Jake, as well as his girlfriend Millie Bobby Brown, reportedly sent their best wishes from London.

Everything you need to know about Jon Bon Jovi’s child

Jesse James Louis Bongiovi is a famous wine businessman. He was the first son and second child of the famous singer-songwriter Jon Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea Hurley, born on February 19, 1995. He later moved to Manhattan and attended Poly Prep in Brooklyn. He participated in the school’s lacrosse and football programs while at Poly Prep. After graduating from high school, he studied political science and business economics at the University of Notre Dame.

During his senior year, he intended to start a wine label together with his father and French winemaker Gerard Bertrand. As a result, the Hampton Water Rose wine was released in 2018. Rose wine is quite popular in the Hamptons. Jesse and his friends called the drink Hampton Water. His father came out one day while he was sitting on the porch of his East Hampton home and asked him if he had some “rose juice,” which was his term for pink wine.

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Jesse responded by telling his father to call Hampton Water. Jon Bon Jovi thought it was an intriguing concept and suggested using it as the title of a bottle of wine. Jesse devised a marketing strategy for the winery, and the father-son team sought out Gerard for help. In 2018, the brand was founded two years after their morning conversation. Jesse is also on social media, where he posts mostly about his personal and professional life.

Jesse Bongiovi

What are Jon Bon Jovi’s other children’s names?

Jon Bon Jovi married Dorothea Hurley in 1989. Jacob Hurley, Stephanie Rose, Jesse and Romeo Jon are their four children. Jacob is a Syracuse University student who gained notoriety in 2018 after organizing a national student walkout to protest the government’s response to mass school shootings following the shooting in Parkland, Florida. He is rumored to be dating Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things. Stephanie Rose, Jon and Dorothea’s only child, is a television cameraman at the age of 28. She was a member of the cast of the TV series Impractical Pranksters. Stephanie was arrested on drug charges in 2012, while still in college, after a suspected heroin overdose. The charges were eventually dropped. Romeo Jon is Jon and Dorothea’s youngest child and tries to avoid the limelight more than the other three children.

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In 1983, Jon Bon Jovi founded the rock band Bon Jovi. The group’s debut song, Runaway, was released in 1981, and their third album, Slippery When Wet, brought them recognition. Jon Bon Jovi has had a successful solo career, recording soundtracks for films such as Young Guns II and Stand Up Guys. He has starred in a number of films, including The Leading Man, Destination Anywhere, Row Your Boat, New Year’s Eve and others. He is also known for his roles in television series such as 30 Rock, The West Wing, Las Vegas and others. In 2009, he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

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