Joe’s New Power In You Season 5 Teased by Penn Badgely

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 4, Part 2! Penn Badgley teases new powers Joe will have Friend Season 5. What begins as a potential conflict between him and Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers), the alleged “cannibal of the rich” killer, quickly turns much more complicated. Friend In the first half of season four, Joe also appeared in Stop Chasing Marianne (Tati Gabrielle), adapting to her new life in London as Jonathan Moore. But in the end, he becomes more dangerous than ever, and no matter how things turn out, he can get away with it.

The question of whether Joe was brought to justice was raised after the incident Friend The end of Season 4, but it might be harder to stop him now. in a recent interview tonight’s receptionBadgley reveals his character has a “powerHe has never committed a crime before, suggesting more crimes are likely to be committed in the future. Read his comment on Joe’s current situation below:

Well, it looks like he’s back home in New York… but now he has unlimited resources. He really has powers that he doesn’t have. With Love and the Quinn family, he has power but he doesn’t want it. He didn’t want to accept it. He didn’t want to – the family really didn’t want to give it to him. I think now, he’s really accepting his inferior nature. Basically, he let the animals take over the humans. He let the Predator take his… his heart.

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Joe’s Arc In You Part 4 Explained

The Beginning Friend In Season 4, Joe has almost settled into his new life, hiding from the Quinn’s and convincing himself to let Marianne go. Although he claims to no longer harm others, he finds himself involved in the “Cannibal of the Rich” murder and protects a group of people he doesn’t want to associate with. Only after killing Reese was it discovered that Joe was responsible for all the deaths. He also left Marianne locked in an incubator, but can’t remember a single time when he hit himself on the head, which led him to imagine an alternate mayoral candidate.

Realizing what he did and wanting to prevent more damage, Joe jumps off a bridge in the final episode Friend The fourth part, titled “The Death of Jonathan Moore”. However, he is rescued, eventually telling Kate Calvin (Charlotte Richie) about his history and restoring their relationship. Kate is likely giving him a second chance to play Joe Goldberg, and with Bagley’s comments, his character could capitalize on that.

Joe seems to have used some of his powers when he trapped Nadia (Amy Lechkman) for the murder of Edward (Brad Alexander). He tells his former student about the resources available to him and how no one would believe her if she told the truth. Witnessing this interaction and knowing he’s still with Kate shows that Joe can be involved Friend Part 5.

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