Jung Joong Ji Passed Away At The Age Of 30

Jung Joong Ji’s mother confirmed her son’s death on Twitter on September 20, 2022. In a tragic post, she shared a picture of herself holding photos of her son’s funeral and speak:

“I’m talking about Jung Joong Ji’s mother. Jung Joong Ji, my son, committed suicide. “I don’t know what to say right now.”

Another image in the tweet shows the actor’s burial announcement and funeral information, such as the date. The actor’s mother admitted that her son committed a crime, although the family did not give a specific explanation for the actor’s difficult choice. This tragic revelation comes at a time when the number of suicides in South Korea is at an alarming rate, especially in the entertainment industry and K-pop.

Netizens affectionately remember the late actor.

Fans paid their respects to the actor on social media. Through the comments, Jung Joon Ji is loved and followed by many people.

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a former 101 production contestant named jung joong ji sadly took his own life and no one talked about how during the show he claimed that he was bullied by yoon jisung Wanna One’s host) bang? true or not, I wonder how he still has a career

— Idleentries🧚‍♂️ I LOVE IS COING❤️ (@idleentries) September 22, 2022

In 2017, when the controversy about Jung Joong Ji occurred, below are the comments regarding his suicide letter. I really wonder how these people feel when this idol has passed away. That’s why everyone should mind their damn business and stop barking. This leads to suicide https://t.co/a72gHqwGoe pic.twitter.com/4RjEjfkyAW

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– RoadKa (@road_ka) September 22, 2022

More information about Produce101 actor Jung Joong Ji

Jung Joong Ji rose to fame after appearing on MNET’s Produce 101 Season 2, leading to the formation of the K-pop group Wanna One. He was introduced as a trainee for Wayz company. Due to his photos and appearances on social media at the time, the aspiring actor quickly became a villain. In the competition, he was noticed for his ability as a singer and dancer, but was eliminated in episode 5. In 2018, he held his first fan meeting and won the Hanbit award for actor category, sponsored by the Hallyu Organizing Committee. . Prison and The Nature of Love are two of his most famous roles as an actor.

In addition, the male singer was also accused of sexual assault. In the end, the star publicly apologized and the prosecutor deleted their post from SNS. His feud with former Wanna One member Yoon Ji Sung also became public, with Joong Ji accusing the latter of being a bully. He also admitted that he “felt suicidal” due to harsh comments and trolls directed at him online, and begged,

“I don’t lie, no matter what anyone says. Whether people believe me or not, I just write the truth with the palm of my hand. I’m not afraid of anyone criticizing me because I wrote these things faithfully. real.”

He continued,

[…] Also, please don’t message me directly; I am also human. “Please don’t bother me anymore.”

Jung Joong Ji

Wayz has also filed a defamation lawsuit against the aspiring musician after he accused the company of fabricating sexual assault for ‘exaggerated marketing’. Later, the actor moved to Think Technique, another television and entertainment company.

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