Junji Ito Makes His Own Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark in New Collection

World-famous horror manga artist Junji Ito has officially been given the chance to create his own horror manga Scary stories told in the dark with a new folklore collection. 2023 is already a big year for Ito, and it looks like it’s going to be even more important with the new compilation.Comic publisher Viz Media takes action Twitter announced a new series titled Mimi’s horror story. Directed by Junji Ito, the book will tell nine new horror stories that will keep readers awake at night.However, unlike the work shown in most of Ito’s story collections, e.g. lovesicknessthis book will focus more on adapting folklore to Ito’s style.

Junji Ito adapts Japanese folklore to launch horror new series

According to Viz, these stories are “From the famous collection of urban legends“It’s common in society and culture. It’s unclear whether this folklore is exclusive to Japan or extends to other cultures, but for fans of Ito, it’s an exciting change of direction as he brings his The voices are integrated into a story that everyone knows. However, the most fascinating thing about this idea is that it takes a similar approach to the legendary children’s book series.

Mimi’s horror story yes Scary stories told in the dark successor

Scary stories told in the dark is a trilogy by Alvin Schwartz that compiles countless pieces of American folklore for young readers.These books are many young readers’ gateway to the horror genre, as they share famous stories such as hook, Harold, and High beam. What most people remember about these books, however, is Stephen Gammell’s exquisitely gruesome artwork.illustration Scary stories told in the dark It has become the most important factor causing fear in their hearts.Depiction of Harold the Scarecrow and the Pale Lady dream It’s still unforgettable. Now, with Ito taking on folklore in his next series, it’s his chance to follow in the footsteps of the classic books.

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Junji Ito’s art can scare readers just as much as Stephen Gammell’s

Eye of the Vortex

Like Gamel, Ito is also known for his gruesome art. The way he brings horror to the story results in some of the most disturbing images in comics.Whether it’s the rolling eyes swirl or his signature hanging balloons, Ito knows how to scare people in the most disturbing ways through artwork.By incorporating his style into existing folklore, he had the opportunity to make well-known stories more horrific than they were known to be, much like Gamel in horror story and its characters. Ito’s horror journey may add a whole new dimension to what readers are familiar with, as his unique style of horror has won over readers around the world.

Mimi’s horror story It is currently expected to be released in time for Halloween in the fall of 2023. Based on the premise alone, this is a collection any horror comics fan will want to add to their library.However, by expanding his artistic style into the world of folklore, the new book may also appeal to fans Scary stories told in the dark Junji Ito’s world of horror, and potentially giving them a new and most popular voice in the horror genre.

Looking for Junji Ito Mimi’s horror story When it releases in the fall!

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