Kyle Capener Is Criticized By Netizens After He Made Racist Remark

Netizens are slamming Big Brother Season 24 contestant Kyle Capener for making racist remarks and plotting against POC opponents in the show’s final season. Although the footage was part of the live broadcast and did not make it into the final edit of the day’s program, fans shared it on social media.

Kyle can be seen in the video noting the “diverse backgrounds” of his fellow contestants and comparing their alliance to Cookout, the show’s former black alliance. He also told his roommates that sticking together would give them a better chance of winning, which pointed to racial differences. People are not only criticizing Capener for his words, but also CBS for not including them in the broadcast. The video sparked a flurry of tweets, many of which were critical of the contestant and the show’s producers, and included hashtags like #StopProtectingKyle.

What exactly did Kyle Capener say?

Capener was discussing survival methods with roommates Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes when the incident occurred. He tried to convince Hoopes to spare his co-worker Alyssa Snider from the impending eviction. During the discussion, the 29-year-old can be heard saying:

“If you can stand up for me, I won’t use the veto, since the Leftovers believe everything is fine and don’t think we’re on the trail of anything they’ve been up to.”

He further said that the six remaining multicultural candidates may have a better chance of survival if the public votes for them. Kyle assumed they were working together and compared the group to last season’s all-black Big Brother alliance, Cookout, saying:

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“I mean, it seems pretty similar to Cookout with a really different background, the potential of those six with that history.” Everyone said why they play this game. More Middle Eastern presence on TV please, Joseph. There has never been a Brazilian contender or winner, Indy.”

He added that, compared to the diverse contestants, he and the other white contestants had less chance of winning, and advised his “white” friends to stick together. He stated:

“Everyone has that powerful ‘why’ that matches.” When I think about our alliance, I think it was amazing because it was born out of necessity and our backs were against the wall and it brought us together.”

Kyle Capener

The meeting was never aired, prompting supporters to accuse CBS of protecting Capener and covering up his racist actions. Viewers also chastised the show’s producers for exposing Taylor Hale, who defended Jasmine because she didn’t want to push another black woman out.

“That’s horrible,” one Twitter user said in response to Kyle Capener and CBS.

Upset viewers took to social media to express their feelings about the event, accusing Capener of racism and accusing CBS of defending racist behavior. Many have even suggested that the show’s producers are portraying Taylor as a “villain” in order to defend Capener and cover up his “racist statements.” They also said the program did little to help Taylor when she was aggressively bullied early in the season.

Dear Casuals, Kyle has started a white race war against POC. And since it seemed racist, Brittany & Michael decided to beat up Terrance to save face. You got it all! #BB24

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— Myriam 🌊 (@maximusmom13) August 18, 2022

Kyle has been championing his all-white alliance and racial bias since August 4th, and not one second of it has been seen on the show. @CBSBigBrother @TMZ #StopProtectingKyle #bb24

— ……… (@NoIdeaWhyIAm) August 18, 2022

Some even went out of their way to clarify that Turner’s hatred of Jasmine was not racist and was not the same as what Capener was doing. One person also criticized CBS for airing Capener’s love life with his racist behavior. Recent events have made Capener a popular target for many viewers, which could shorten his time in the house.

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