Legend Of Zelda: Link Could Have Once Had A Female Form

Link has always been the protagonist of idol dramas The Legend of Zelda, but there was once an official female version of him. The original game came out in 1986, and while most of the artwork is already well-known, it took the series a while to settle on its current art style. The first few games specifically featured depictions of Link and Zelda that were very different from how the characters usually look now, but the most novel variant appears to be a female version of Link, complete with bright pink hair.

Changes in Link’s hair color are not uncommon and tend to change slightly between games.Link even has pink hair links to the past A light brown hue was seen in the first two games of the series.since Ocarina of Time, Link is depicted with different blonde hair, but his character doesn’t change so much that his gender is swapped. However, the idea of ​​a female protagonist seemed to have been considered during or shortly after the first development. Zelda game.

Hyrule’s history On Twitter, an archivist dedicated to the series recently shared new scanned images from the 1987 Japanese official (pictured below) The Legend of Zelda Tips and strategies guide book. These include a female version of Link, unofficially known as Linka, who wears an almost identical outfit to the male version. The biggest difference in Linka’s equipment is the sword she wields.since The Legend of Zeldathe master sword till links to the pastLinka often uses a variety of typical double-edged swords, but Linka’s blade is much thinner and the guard surrounds more of the hand, making it look like a sword.

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Image source: Twitter user @HistoryofHyrule

Some other Female Link illustrations can be found through the Hyrule History website, or along with the extensive archived art from the series on associated archivist Melora Hart’s Flickr page.Most female Link art comes from unofficial Japanese sources, such as magazine comics published shortly after The Legend of Zelda freed. The localized version of the Tips and Tactics Guide released by Nintendo of America omits the page containing the female Link.These images are from an era Zelda The series is almost called Hyrule Fantasylocated under the subtitle “Name BeforeThe Legend of Zelda” in the Japanese version of the original game.

A female Link appears in official Nintendo publications, lending some extra legitimacy to her status as the official version of the series’ protagonist. Different Linka illustrations come from other sources, such as reviews printed in Japanese magazines, as HistoryofHyrule discussed in a recent Reddit post on the subject.Archivists describe this latest discovery as a major milestone in cataloging the elusive artwork The Legend of Zeldabut there is still much work to be done.

source: Hyrule’s history/Twitter, History of Hyrule, Melora Hart/Flickr, HistoryofHyrule/Reddit

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