Lost Ark: All Vista Locations In Arthetine

Arthetine is located in lost box The player will likely reach level 50 by the end of the quest line, and each of the seven expansions of the continent has a vista for the player to find. The “port” is the first landscape located in Lupen Harbor on the Dry Road. From the gate in the area, take the left path and head northeast. lost box The viewpoint can be found near the left cul-de-sac.

The second scene is in Stern’s Origin, a bustling metropolis made up of several counties. Near the market, right at the entrance to Dry Road, lost box Fans can find the “panoramic city” viewpoint on the right. To find Arthetine’s third vista, the player must head to the Hoverboard Test Station located in the Scrapyard to the northeast of the Guard Transit Camp. To reach the telescope, the player must walk left until they reach a small tower among large gear-shaped ventilators. Climb the ladder to the top to enter the Vista “Valley and Robot Wasteland” entry.

The next scene after completing the Tome of the Adventurer of Athetin is in Nibelhorn. Head northwest to the lair of two elite enemies Sappy Walou Cactus lost box Follow the sand-brick walkway to the observatory with two lit braziers. The “Lab” view will be at the end.

Arthetine Vista Lost Ark Location Guide

The fifth scene is the “garbage dump” in Windbringer Hills. To get the telescope, head northeast from the gate in the area until you reach the elevator. Take the elevator to find another lift to the observatory. The elevator works automatically, so players just need to wait on the platform for the elevator to start. A sixth potential client can be found on the way to becoming the Neighborhood Manager of the Royal Totridge Guards. Near a tower, the player can find a ladder that leads to the “Clockwork Square” Telescope, as well as the Mokoko Seed. lost box.

The seventh and final scene of Arthetine is only accessible after the player accepts the yellow quest,”sand road,” from Mercenary Rick. This quest requires lost box Fans get some Sandstorm Whiskey from Stern’s bartender for Rick for Hire at Riza Falls. After completing this quest, the player can enter the sand vortex to complete the quest and continue through the portal to the “Vortex Observatory” vista. Remember that this area will not appear on the display of the map.

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