Love Is Blind’s Kwame Admits ‘Super Quick Integration’ of Life with Chelsea Is Toughest Part of Marriage (Exclusive)

Love is blindKwame Appiah gets candid about the struggles he and wife Chelsea Griffin Appiah had to overcome in the early days of their marriage.

Season 4 students — who appear in the new one After the Altar special, which premiered on Netflix on Friday — their marriage got off to a whirlwind start as they met and got engaged and married just weeks later.

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Now married for over a year, Kwame, 33, admits that the hardest part of their marriage was the adjustment period they went through in the beginning.

“[Being secretive and not public initially] it’s definitely hard,” he tells PEOPLE. “We’ve been married for a year now and we just went on our honeymoon because we couldn’t go out there and take a bunch of pictures and say, ‘I’m here with this person and I’m representing them.’ So that was interesting.”

“Taking everything and putting it in one space can be very difficult,” he continues. “We had our own individual lives, our own microwaves, knife sets, TVs. When you get married on a Friday and then move in together on a Sunday, after knowing each other for a little over a month, it can be really hard. Whose stuff goes here? ? Whose stuff goes there? Where are we going to put the clothes?”

“So I think the super-fast integration of our lives was really, really difficult,” he continues. “Separation from the objects that made us individual.”

Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah in ‘Love Is Blind: After the Altar’ Season 4.

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Although the process was challenging, it ultimately made the couple better communicators—and better equipped to compromise.

Noting Chelsea’s well-known affinity for pink, Kwame notes, “Chelsea had a whole pink kitchen and it’s like, honestly, there’s a lot of pink stuff in our kitchen—and it’s amazing. But there are some things that I wanted to put in our kitchen. ”

“So taking things that are individually ours and compromise. I think compromise is just a massive trend when it comes to relationships in general, but in this and in these circumstances, huge,” he adds.

Kwame Appiah

Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah of ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Kwame Appiah/instagram Love Is Blind’s Chelsea Teases ‘Juicy, Spicy’ Drama in ‘After the Altar’ Special (Exclusive)

In three parts After the Altar especially, fans got to see a glimpse of Chelsea and Kwame’s daily life as a married couple and how happy they still are. The couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary, spent time with family members and even got together with their colleagues for a football match.

Looking back on all the memories they’ve made over the past year, Chelsea, 31, and Kwame say it’s hard to pick a favorite.

“I think for us the wedding in this experiment is so unique and it’s so strict and so fast. And I remember After the Altar sending pictures and videos to the producer of all the holidays we have to do,” recalls Chelsea, who recently joined the casting team for Love is blind. “I remember saying, ‘It’s our first Halloween, it’s our first Thanksgiving, it’s our first Christmas, our first birthdays.’ It was just a series of these exciting moments that you don’t think about when you’re so focused [the moment].”

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“All those beautiful, wonderful memories and times we created together came to life and it was so much fun,” she shares. “It was really, really cool to build a tradition and go on trips and [learn] What does Christmas mean to us as a family and together? … It was just everyday shared experiences, living with each other.”

Kwame adds: “I agree. We went to two concerts of our favorite artists and we really enjoyed something that the other person enjoys. We went to Alicia Keys for her, that’s one of her favorite artists. And then we went to Drake’s for me, one of my favorite artists. And yes, the moments when we take the things we love individually and collaborate and create that beautiful harmony within our loves.”

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Love is blind: After the altar season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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