Love & Thunder: The 10 Most Obscure Gods In The Thor Film

Warning: This article discusses major spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder Focus on Gore’s new antagonist, the God Butcher, on a mission to wipe out every god in the universe who failed to protect his family. There are plenty of gods throughout the film, both through the violent opening shots and during a visit to the Almighty City.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has plenty of all-powerful characters to choose from who have already appeared on screen. But the film also introduces a string of unusual and even original creations to continue to populate Marvel Studios’ properties. Which of these comic book gods is the most obscure? What kind of gods are they?


“The Dumpling God” is an original creation, and while it may be a reference to the Pixar film of the same name, it’s one of the strangest things in cinema. This is clearly a joke, although the character’s visual design is also distinctive.

There seems to be no mythology surrounding Bao, and there aren’t even jokes in the comics related to this food-based god. However, there are so many types of food gods in the material that it is not difficult to come up with a new one. Bao’s adorable cartoon nature is sure to make him a fan favorite.


Gore the God of Slayer holding a sword in

One major difference between the comics and the big screen version of Gorr the God-Slayer is his first kill. In the Marvel Universe, the first person he killed was Rumple. There is no character with the same name in the Marvel comics, and there seems to be no legitimate deity with the same name in real mythology.

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However, judging from the appearance of this omnipotent being, it is likely that he was some kind of sun god. He was worshiped as a life-giver and protector, which would certainly be consistent with the idea that he was a variant of entities such as the sun god Helios.This is definitely a weird but interesting inclusion Thor: Love and Thunder.

Behemoth Fariga

Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer

There’s a shocking moment in the comics when Thor encounters the Behemoth Faliga, a creature of such immense power that Gorr defeated. While he wasn’t the only god killed by the Butcher, he was one of the most powerful to date and a friend of Odinson’s.

He’s certainly not a well-known name among moviegoers, though, and is largely introduced only as a protagonist that Gore wants to destroy. Regardless, his comic book accurate portrayal on screen creates a visually gorgeous moment that sets the scale of the villain into motion.


Dionysus in Percy Jackson

zeus especially was introduced Thor: Love and Thunder and an end-credits tease of his son Hercules. So, the Gods of Olympus are officially part of the Marvel Universe, and there’s some extra content in the background scene of the crowd in Almighty City.

Dionysus is one of them, and he actually appears in a brief but hilarious way.The role may be well known Percy Jackson Fan, but other than that, he’s not a heavy hitter on the page. He’s the Greek god of wine, and generally alcohol, and Thor can definitely get along with him.


Chris Hemsworth plays Thor and Taika Waititi plays Kogor in

Korg is a hilarious version of the Kronan, a strange alien rock species that in Thor: Love and Thunder. While Coorg may end the film with his partner and kids, that’s not the only emotional moment he has throughout the film. He can also see the god Cronan.

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While his name is incredibly complex, it’s worth noting that he sits on a throne of scissors, creating a rock, paper, scissors pun for fans who pay attention. Kogor isn’t the only Cronan to appear in the Marvel Universe, with Thor defeating Cronan in “Cronan.” Thor: The Dark World Before. It is clear that most species worship this real being.


Zeus surrounded by women in Thor: Love and Thunder

Minerva is a goddess that many people have not heard of but may actually know. She was the Roman goddess of wisdom, justice, law, and victory, often depicted in court holding a set of scales. Almighty City briefly felt her presence.

It will be interesting to see if the Greek and Roman gods are set up as separate pantheons, or if they are one and the same in the Marvel Universe. In the comics, she is part of the ensemble of these gods, though not the most powerful of the group. Apparently, she was watching the events unfold as Zeus turned his back on his Norse brothers.

flower god

Gorr the God-Slayer in

To continue to support the notion that Rapp is actually the sun god, the character is surrounded by other nature-related beings. These include a series of flower deities that may have been inspired by nymphs and other environmental creatures in Greek mythology.

Of course, there is one more point alice in wonderland Regarding their design, this is probably the point of creation. In comics, there are countless incredible creatures that represent nature and share similar appearances, meaning these creatures are an interesting mix of many inspirations.


Artemis in Marvel Comics

Going back to the gods of Greece and even Rome, Artemis is also one of the credits of the gods of the Almighty City. Her inclusion may come as a huge surprise to mainstream fans, but it’s a fun addition for any comic book reader. First off, Artemis is actually the main supporting character of Wonder Woman in DC Comics.

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She has a much smaller role in Marvel, though arguably the character’s portrayal is closer to the Disney-owned publishing house’s Olympian Greek mythology. She’s the goddess of the hunt and the moon, which is another bit of fun considering Kong Shu’s recent debut.

sequoia queen and oak king

Sequoia Queen and Oak King Marvel Comics

Various other gods appeared for the first time in the comics for Gore to butcher in the original comics involving the villain. While the big-screen version of the narrative doesn’t go as far in portraying the antagonist’s obsessive quest, the version of the source material means that no one is safe.

Both Queen Sequoia and King Oak were nature gods who were killed by Gore in Marvel Comics and were part of the carnage lineup in Marvel Comics. Thor: Love and Thunder. They’re a unique choice, but the image of these two men hanging from a tree is a stark reminder of Gore’s power.


Eternal Thor Love and Thunder

Does anyone besides die-hard comic book fans know who Eternity is? The Marvel Comics original has appeared countless times over the years and has become established as one of the most powerful beings in all of reality. His look, especially, is a stunning work of art.

It’s shocking to see not only gods appearing in the plot Thor: Love and Thunder, But the characters actually look exactly like they do on the page. Here, he’s seen as some sort of wish-fulfiller. Epic cosmic sprites. But his purpose in the Marvel Universe may not be complete just yet.

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