Low-wage single mother built a house of 18.5m2 by herself: Perfect achievement

We never know what surprises await us. It’s really unpredictable what will happen in a year.

This woman named Michelle Boyle had financial difficulties and had to pay $1,300 to rent an apartment in Oregon.

She earns a small salary but cannot save money for other expenses. She works in a coffee shop and her salary doesn’t allow her to rent an apartment and buy food.

Therefore, she acted quickly and suddenly changed her life. She made a decision that changed her life. She decided to build her own comfortable little house. Her children have grown up and moved elsewhere.

It wasn’t easy to rent a three-bedroom house, but she made it through and settled down financially.

It’s 18.5 square feet and she pays $65 a month for wifi, electricity, and water.

It makes the wheeled cabin really comfortable inside and out. It took her 2 years to build the house. She made the house unique in the style of the 1940s and 1950s.

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