Marc Maron’s Net Worth (& 9 Other Things You Didn’t Know About Him)

Comedian and actor Marc Maron has built a huge following through his diverse pursuits, whether it’s his stand-up stand-up special or his acclaimed “Garage Podcast.” WTF with Marc Maloneand his role in the Netflix original series as Sam Sylvia light. Throughout her nearly 15-year comedy career, Malone has somehow always moved with the times. His aforementioned podcast has aired over 1,500 episodes.

In spite of light And Malone (a sitcom starring a fictional version of him) has now been canceled and people will still see him making a cameo appearance in 2019’s Joker and, more recently, The Joker. Simpsons.

Personal and Professional Relationship with Lynn Shelton

The late writer and director Lynn Shelton first met Malone in 2015. That’s when she appeared as a guest on his podcast. She then collaborated professionally with Malone, the director of his comedy special so real And doomsday fun. Malone also starred in her last movie sword of trust (And Shelton also shares the credit for acting.)

In addition, she directed two episodes Maloneand five episodes light. She also briefly dated Malone before she passed away from leukemia earlier this year.

Barack Obama’s Podcast Is Clearly a Big Deal

Marc Malone and Barack Obama

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Marc Maron revealed a lot of behind-the-scenes work related to his podcast, which featured former President Barack Obama. Snipers were deployed at his neighbor’s house while the Secret Service secured the perimeter of Malone’s garage. Some items in the garage, such as book cases, have also been removed.

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Malone added that he didn’t even have to serve the president coffee because he was assisted by a White House waiter in advance.

His rivalry with Jon Stewart can be traced back to jealousy

Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

Jon Stewart and Marc Maron are comedians alike, in the sense that they’ve both hosted Comedy Central’s Short Attention Time Theater. They both started at the same time, but Malone admits he’s jealous of Stewart’s popularity so much faster. He once frankly said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that: “In my opinion, I am a rebel, and he is just a liar.”

Trying to clear things up, he eventually invited Stewart to join him on his podcast. While the latter agreed to settle their differences over coffee, he refused to mediate with Malone in a public forum.

a small role in the movie Mighty Duck

Connie and Dwayne vs Iceland in D2 Mighty Ducks

Malone made a number of brief appearances in the film, his role being almost famous Be an unforgettable person. But even before that, he played a servant in the 1994 movie D2: Mighty DuckHe plays an angry servant who meets “Duck” at a hotel in Beverly Hills. However, for some reason, his footage was never included in the final part of the film.

D2 is the sequel to Disney’s sports comedymighty duck That was released two years ago. The film features a number of famous characters, such as basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and figure skater Kristy Yamaguchi.

he has voiced in several animated shows

Marc Maron Animated Characters

except for his cameo The SimpsonsMalone voiced various characters on tv.exist Dr. Katz, Professional Therapisthe voiced a character named Mark. he played a lot of roles The Life and Times of Timand voiced by Magnus Hammersmith doomsdayThe metal band’s raw rhythm guitarist revolves around the show. on HBO animalHe voices a podcast rat named Mark.

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However, in addition to adult animation, he also has animated pieces for children, such as Piv Surrealist Trickster. Payne Zero: Part-time Hero with a squirrel Adventure Time.

subtle cameos in spiderman comics

Marc Malone in Super Spider-Man #4

In early March this year, Amazing Spider-Man #40 Daily Bugle’s overbearing editor J Jonah Jameson switched to online reporting. He finally spoke to his arch-nemesis, Spider-Man, on a podcast that went viral.

As described by Spider-Man, the episode was multiplayer and topped the podcast chart. One page of the comic depicts a bespectacled man with a mustache and brown and white hair, mimicking Marc Malone’s appearance. The Maron-based character utters a surprised voice and just says, ‘Really? that guy? ‘.

refuse SNL

Lorne Michaels and Marc Malone

Although many of the big stars in the comedy world are known as Saturday night liveand many others built their legacy after facing rejection from sketch comedy shows. Marc Maron falls into the second category, as he was rejected from the NBC show.

in a podcast Saturday night live Years after creator Lorne Michaels, Maron revealed that he smoked some weed while waiting to meet him. Maron was considered a replacement at the time –Weekend update Neo Norm Macdonald. Michaels added that Maron had his own original vocals, but at the time the studio decided to stick with MacDonald, leaving little room for new talent.

guitar solo for a protest song

marc maron playing guitar

Maron always talks about his love of guitar, occasionally performing a few pieces on his podcast. Contribute guitar solo to the 2013 demonstration NSA Party.

The song was written by electronic band Yacht and performed after news reports about global surveillance revelations by agencies like the NSA. Such surveillance programs are considered privacy in the name of security. Proceeds from the song go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights nonprofit.

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Play the role of a famous music journalist in 2021

Jerry Wexler and Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin in 'Respect'

Maron’s upcoming film roles include Jerry Wexler in the Aretha Franklin biopic respectOscar winner Jennifer Hudson stars, while Malone’s character is a music journalist turned producer.

Wexler was the one who coined the term “R&B” while working for Billboard magazine. After joining Atlantic Records, he was responsible for signing artists or producing hit records for Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin and many more. Respect will be released in August 2021.

Net worth 4 million

marc maron's house

As of 2020, Celebrity Net Worth estimates Marc Maron’s net worth to be around $4 million. The same source added that he made about 1 million dollars from it WTF with Marc Malone.

Speaking of his real estate deals, he sold his Highland Park home for $920,000 in 2018, making a small profit. The house certainly has a lot of cultural value, as it includes the iconic garage where many of his podcast episodes are recorded. The house was originally listed for $750,000, but Malone ended up making $170,000.

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