Martha Stewart Explains Why She Doesn’t Have Curtains on the Windows at Her Home

Martha Stewart has a trick for waking up early – letting in the sunlight.

The lifestyle guru and America’s first self-made billionaire doesn’t have curtains on any of the windows in her Bedford, New York, home.

“I wake up really, really early,” the 82-year-old explained during a Q&A with MasterClass CEO David Rogier at the Whitby Hotel in New York on Thursday. “There are no curtains…so I let the sun in as the workers start coming to my farm. I live on a farm and they come…at 7:00 in the morning so I have to be awake.”

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There are many reasons why Stewart is an early riser, but one is “I never sleep after that time because I would be embarrassed to lie around while my housekeepers clean and how horrible it is.”

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He also cares for his many animals — “hundreds,” Stewart said — on the farm. “There are lots and lots of animals, hundreds of animals and lots of gardens to look after,” she explained.

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Stewart has a new MasterClass offering that explores the everyday life of a business woman, including waking up at 5am. At the class, which started on Friday, she explains, “I’ve always gotten up at the crack of dawn. I get dressed and go to my Pilates instructor… It helps a lot. Your state of mind.”

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In a Zoom interview earlier this year with Apartment Therapy, Stewart also revealed her distaste for curtains, declaring, “I love looking out.”

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