Marvel’s Avengers Shock Sets Up Iron Man’s Final MCU Story 4 Years After His Death

big secret invasion Avengers plot completed four years after Iron Man Avengers: Game over die. Ten years after debuting as Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr. ended his career in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Joe Russo and Anthony Russo’s 2019 blockbuster. Since then, Marvel Studios has focused on moving forward, laying out the next multi-year plan. Despite strong calls for the character to return to the MCU, it’s unlikely his death will be undone. While Iron Man is no longer an active player in the universe, his legacy is still huge in the universe.

The series is currently in development for the fifth phase of the Marvel Universe’s multiverse story, with projects including Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiverse And Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaia Tackle a thriving multiverse. Marvel Studios breaks free of franchise shackles in a more realistic way secret invasion. When Nick Fury returns in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Disney+ series reunites Nick Fury with Talos the Skeleton as they try to stop Gravik from slowly taking over Earth and reclaiming it for himself. While the show is largely separate from the larger Marvel Universe, it also features the return of James “Roddy” Rhodes as an integral part of the story.

Revealing Roddy’s Skeleton Sets Armored War Conspiracy

secret invasion Marks Roddy’s second appearance in the MCU after the Infinity Saga. He’s been a guest before The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, discussing Sam Wilson’s decision to drop Captain America’s shield. When re-appearing in Invasion, fans believe that he will take on a more political role, because he is the right-hand man of US President Richard Ritson. Given the film’s story, one of the biggest challenges audiences face is figuring out which characters are shape-shifting aliens. Viewers were convinced that Roddy was replaced by Skrulls before a major plot twist, but that still didn’t lessen its confirmation impact. secret invasion Episode 4.

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However, the Marvel Studios series has been unable to delve into the Skrull Roddy mystery beyond confirming long-standing theories. Secret Invasion didn’t even reveal the identity of the female Skrull who took over the Avengers’ body, nor did it reveal exactly when he was replaced. Since Gravik and his followers’ plans were exposed, it is possible that Rhodey was kidnapped and is currently hidden somewhere in their facility. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has hinted that Roddy has been a Skrull for much longer than thought, meaning he may have been replaced long before the events of the Infinity Saga.

Regardless of the specifics, however, Roddy’s absence is actually the first step in Iron Man’s final arc in the MCU— armored war. Based on the Marvel Comics plot of the same name, Iron Man keeps his work away from people who want to use it for the wrong reasons. Iron Man The film addresses this issue, but Tony Stark was able to block attempts to access his work. Now that he’s gone, Roddy, as his closest friend and trusted ally, must ensure Iron Man’s legacy isn’t tarnished by his abuse of technology.

That is to say, if War Machine has indeed been shut down for a while, it would be easy for Iron Man’s enemies to carry out their nefarious plans to take over his invention. Skrull Roddy may not be focused on preserving Iron Man’s legacy, instead, he’ll be more enthusiastic about advancing Gravik’s plans. If they keep a close eye on what’s going on in Iron Man’s battle for technology, they might even get their own people involved, wanting to take advantage of the situation. All these complex problems will be dealt with in the following section armored war Movie.

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Armored War Continues Marvel Universe’s Damage to Iron Man’s Legacy

Tony Stark is back in Armored Warfare

Marvel Studios pledges not to spoil Iron Man’s emotional farewell Avengers: Game over Despite fan interest, the character was denied a return. However, some multiverse saga storylines are indirectly destroying the character’s legacy. Stark Industries’ lack of support in Peter Parker’s troubles Spider-Man: No Way Home and the devastation caused by Damage Control are two prime examples of how they mishandled Stark’s post.

it will get worse armored war Because his invention is bound to be misused. Although Iron Man will vehemently oppose them, his failure to protect his technology well despite being well aware of the danger when it falls into the wrong hands still does not help him be remembered in the MCU. Roddy being held captive by Gravik and his henchmen somewhere will surely make matters worse.

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