Meet the Canadian lynx with feet the size of a human hand

These gorgeous creatures are also elusive and can be spotted in the wild by the Canadian lynx – one of the most beloved big cats on Earth!

“No matter how hard I try, I haven’t been lucky enough to come across a lynx in the wild,” wildlife photographer Tracy Munson tells Bored Panda. However, Munson was still able to take some great photos of the Canadian lynx.

“She [the lynx she caught on camera] is a permanent resident at the Ontario Wildlife Rehabilitation Center,” said the photographer. “Photographing her is like taking a picture of a really big and angry domestic cat.”

“In the wild, lynx are shy and reserved, so you’ll be lucky to see them,” says wildlife photographer Tracy Munson.

Because they are so secretive and so elusive (they often pray at night), the Canadian lynx is also known as the “gray ghost of the north”.

Although this species has been on the endangered list for many years, recently protection programs have helped it thrive again, so today this beautiful wild cat is no longer on the list. list of endangered species.

Watch two wild lynx have a pretty intense conversation in Ontario, Canada!

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