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Patch 5.25 introduced the beginning of the Shadowbringers relic weapon storyline. Along with it comes a new trial version, which of course also has an Extreme version. The normal instance of Miserious Memory is unique in that it is not done through Duty Finder, but rather with NPC allies. However, for extreme combat, you’ll obviously need to team up with other players as usual.

It didn’t take that long to get out of the extreme tests above, and they were actually high-level tasks. However, Party Finder players have turned their attention away from Cinder Drift Extreme to try and learn this new fight. There are some introductory video guides, text guides, infographics, and macros with different strategies.

I still run PUG in Party Finder, so I’ll focus on guides and strategies that best suit what you’re likely to see when you start learning combat. I’ll keep an eye out for more resources in the future that better explain the mechanics to newcomers.

Deliveries of this extreme test are limited to Triple Triad cards, as well as vaults and tokens for the “idealized” i480 work suit. These models are the same as the i430 Work Set you get for free at level 80, except the idealized set can be tinted. If you are curious about what they look like and how they are dyed, you may find the Bad Wolfy video helpful.

This is the first time the dyeable “Artifact” set has been locked behind Ultimate level content, so if you’re getting sucked into Party Finder for the first time, check out this guide on how to prepare for the ultimate raid. of the game.

most common mistakes

There are a couple of mechanics I’ve seen in this Trial of Limits that always catch people off guard, especially when they’re still pushing the fight. These are the most common ways to cheat new players:

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Gunshield – This is a delayed release. Many people take their eyes off the charging bar and end up unprepared for Gun Shield’s next attack, which can be a knockback hit (charged), a single AoE spread (charged), or a targeted grid block (strengthen). ). Once the charge bar turns red (80-100), get ready to hit back, get to your spread, or pay attention to which side he puts his shield on.

Fortius – Don’t be fooled by the boss’s spinning arrows. You don’t immediately spin after taking the first hit and dropping your puddle. The attacks take turns, so since you just got hit, your location is safe. Step forward out of the puddle, ready to move as the puddle spins again.

quick visual resources

The fantastic u/Quelfabulous created these images for his raid party to share with others who want to learn how to fight. Here is his original Tumblr post. If you are looking at the images of Ignis and Ventus, remember that there is also an AoE line in the X direction in front of the boss.

Misera Memory (Extreme) Guide @quelfabulous

video guide

The combat is still new, and a high-quality video walkthrough can take a lot of effort from the creators to implement. As more content is released, I will adjust or remove this list over time to highlight the best content.

MTQCapture – Tutorial with mechanical text overlay. (12:30) (Phase 2) (Phase 3)

The familiar Mizzteq style includes energetic combat drills, along with helpful text overlays with all the attack names and hints for key points. These are great for pausing a video to get the most important information. She uses bits of tank and healer POVs, but all the characters have mostly similar combat experiences.

Strategies Used: The Fortius portion of Phase 3 demonstrates the use of distribution statistics for clock positions. This is common in Party Finder.

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I’m glad you didn’t rush into a one day video, because your video clearly addresses all of the dangers I see people facing in Party Finder, and there are great clips that clearly show each mechanic.

Mrhappy1227 – Setups, strategies and explanations with some text overlays. (14:47) (Phase 2) (Phase 3)

Mrhappy posted a day one guide with great clips and concise explanations. It was a pleasant surprise compared to some of his longer analysis and discussion videos from the other day. He even shows off all the mechanics you might not see, as the full DPS check for combat isn’t bad.

Strategies Used: For Phase Three’s Fortius attack, he actually mentions two strategies. First, his group used cones as bait on one side of the map, then used the other side as an easy safety point, regardless of the cone’s rotation. I’ve heard it’s called a “fan strat” ​​and it’s not very common in Party Finder. As he predicted, a second “spread strategy” for clock positions is common.

My only complaint with this video is that it specifically suggests primarying DPS and ranged healers, which is the exact opposite of what people do by default, and doesn’t say why. In the dozen parties I’ve been to, I’ve only seen Cardinal use tank and melee DPS.

Ilya Dalamiq – Detailed explanations and visual clues from individual battle footage. (21:04) (Phase 2) (Phase 3)

While this is a long video, it contains a lot of detailed information and tips for each mechanic, especially positioning, timing, and visual cues. Minimal editing and no text overlay, but Ilya notes that parts of the screen and HUD are available to help time incoming attacks.

I would say that your part of the third phase is not very useful. He didn’t show a full understanding of Fortius’s mechanics, and his team skipped a mechanic or two so they wouldn’t appear in the video.

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This guide is great if you’re still having trouble with the first two stages and need a detailed explanation to get through the sections.

text guide

Text guide for u/OrderlyAnarchist

This is the best written guide out there. It has great tutorials for each mechanic, and it’s easy to read and find the part or attack you’re looking for. It references some previous battles, like Ruby Weapon Extreme and Susano Extreme, but even without previous experience you can understand the tactics in question.

Pay particular attention to the diagram provided in Phase III. The written explanation of Fortius’s attack is accurate, but the images add a lot of value and should help clear up any confusion.

There aren’t many text guides yet (I only found two), but I’ll keep an eye out for others with new content.


I looked at some macros posted on reddit, but found them very confusing. I’ve created a simple and clean macro that you can use that reflects the most common locations I’ve seen in Party Finder. At least in the EU light data center. You can find the macros here. This is how it looks in the chat:

If you prefer macros with various Est or Gunshield attack alerts, many include those as well, yu/DibellaSolidor and yu/SynthaneFTW make pretty neat macros you might like.

It’s worth noting that many groups have embraced the freestyle Magitech Spark attack. On-the-fly adjustments are fairly easy as there is plenty of time and space to adjust to a good position.

So how many times do you think you will throw yourself into this battle? I know a lot of people like to collect heirloom sets, which means a lot of running. Which job group did you get first and how did you find the difficulty of the combat? Let me know what helped you get clearance.

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