MHA’s Latest All For One Reveal is Incredibly Disappointing

Warning: Spoiler for Chapter 374 of My Hero Academia

a central plot my hero academyThe final battle is for the fate of Kurogiri, a Nomu created from a former hero that Aizawa and Present Mic worked so hard to achieve. However, a disappointing revelation from All for One smothered those hopes by proving that the heroes never had a chance to convince him to start.

Kurogiri, an UA alumnus named Oboro Shirakumo, is friends with Aizawa and Present Mic, who died on his hero-study show. Shirakumo’s body and Quirk became the basis for Kurogiri after his death, and the personality currently existing in that body is purely fictional, programmed by All for One to become the ultimate servant. However, the heroes seem to be able to reach Baiyun, as he provides information that allows the heroes to conduct a raid on Doctor Garaki’s hospital. Since then, despite various efforts, Heitong has not responded. As both the current Mic and the Gyroscope attempt to awaken him and win his allegiance, it appears that the evil side has won and Kurogiri opens the portal to various battlefields.

In chapter 374, it is revealed that the solution to that spoiler is predetermined. Apparently anticipating that Kuroto’s former identity might reappear, he programmed Kuroto to instantly teleport to wherever Tomura Shigaraki was. He does this using some kind of microchip implanted in Shigaraki’s decorative hand, which will trigger Kurogiri to automatically use the portal. As indicated by the use of specific first-person pronouns in Japanese, while the Kurogiri characters are fighting for control, it doesn’t really matter which personality wins in the end; Kurogiri will always do what All for One wants regardless of his will.

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Heitong can still get out

However, that does not mean that all hopes of winning Kurogiri are dashed. Kurogiri’s turning point brings him and Present Mic directly to Aizawa’s position, meaning another face of Baiyun’s past will be there to convince him. The only problem, of course, is that Aizawa, with the help of Monoma from Class 1-B and the underrated Hero’s Manual, is currently busy stopping Shigaraki from using his quirks. All for One is also very process-specific: it is activated by a severed hand of Shigaraki, and it actually enters the UA battlefield through a portal. Destroying the hand can help break it, especially when Shigaraki no longer has the other hand. But All for One only mentioned this to Endeavor, and Aizawa was in a completely different place so they couldn’t be sure.

All for One’s excessive control over Kurogiri is sure to be a disappointment for fans who were expecting an emotional confrontation. Kurogiri’s battle for the soul isn’t over yet, but the deck at the moment is fighting heroes my hero academy.

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