Mike Myers’ Cat in the Hat Reimagined As Horror Movie In Fan Trailer

Although conceived as a family comedy, Mike Myers’ the cat in the hat Reimagined as a horror movie in a new fan trailer. Seuss’ book of the same name, the story focuses on siblings Conrad and Sally, who are left home on a rainy day by a broker single mother and sleepy nanny, who warn Tell them not to mess with or put her job at risk. The bored children find their world turned upside down when the Hat Cat appears, who begins to cause mayhem in the house, much to the children’s goldfish and their mother’s evil boyfriend. scared.

starring mike myers the cat in the hat Starring Spencer Breslin, Dakota Fanning, Alec Baldwin, Kelly Preston, Amy Hill, and Sean Hayes in the role of the same name. Development on the film was supposed to begin in the late 90s, with Tim Allen as the cat, but due to scheduling and Santa Claus 2 forced to leave, Myers joined as part of the deal due to cancellation Saturday night live Movie. Released in late 2003 the cat in the hat Upon its release, it was a serious disaster and one viewer looked back on the film in his or her own way.

Nearly 20 years after the movie’s release, YouTube users Your movie is so bad DOTorg share one the cat in the hat Fan trailer. Edited by YouTuber Heyo Damo, the video is a reimagining of the Dr. Seuss, led by Mike Myers, turned into a horror film, placing dark lighting in various scenes in the film and pairing it with a creepy soundtrack and A24 signage. Check out the hilarious fan trailer below:

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Click here to watch the video

the cat in the hat This is the second live film adaptation of Dr. Seuss, starring Jim Carrey How the Grinch stole Christmas many years ago. Despite mixed reviews from critics, the 2000 Christmas film received generally better reviews, especially for Carrey’s performance, and fared better than the previous films. other movies. the cat in the hattotal sales in excess of $345 million catThe film grossed $133 million, underperforming its $109 million budget. the cat in the hatDue to poor reception, the film was nominated for eight Raspberry Awards, including Myers for Worst Picture and Worst Actor, and only won for The Apologize for Worst Live Film ( Full concept/No content), while the lead is ben affleck nice Almost every other category was swept away.

Mike Myers’ famous lousy reception the cat in the hat Dr. Seuss’ widow, Audrey Geisel, did not authorize any further live-action adaptations of the author’s books, and only animated films were allowed to be made for the next few years. Holden listen to who!.Looking back almost two decades, Warner Bros. has begun to develop these the cat in the hat An animated adaptation, which will hopefully launch Dr. Seuss’ cinematic universe.

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