Mind-bending optical illusion reveals how indecisive you really are – but it all depends what you see first

THERE are many different types of optical illusions, some are like a challenge to your brain and others can change the way you see the world.

But this clever illusion can reveal some of your hidden personality traits, including how indecisive you really are.


Mia explained what the illusion reveals about youCredit: TikTok/mia_yilin

It all depends on what you see first, though, so look carefully before making any decisions.

The black-and-white image shows the profile of a shouting man’s face, as well as an outstretched arm and fist – but what did you see first?

Mia Yilin, who shared the illustration on TikTok, explained what it all means.

If you belong to the group that saw the man shouting first, you probably spend a lot of time thinking deeply about things.

“Self-reflection is your way of life and you have a deep understanding of your strengths and weaknesses,” Mia said.

However, you should devote more time to practicing self-acceptance and self-kindness.

“You’re doing great and nobody’s perfect,” she added.

If you see the hand first, “you’re an amazing problem solver,” Mia said.

In challenging and stressful situations, you have no problem dealing with them head on.

“On the other hand, when faced with simple decisions like where to eat for lunch, you can be super indecisive and take forever to decide,” she explained.

This is not always a problem for you, but the people around you can sometimes get in the way if you take too long to make a decision.

After sharing the illusion on social media, other people shared their results.

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One said, “I saw the hand first, and it is true of me.”

“I’m still looking for the man who shouted,” admitted another.

A third wrote: “Why are these so accurate?!”

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