Mind-boggling optical illusion challenges you to find the animal hidden among the lines – so what do you see?

A VIRAL optical illusion can make your head spin; after all, it is the easiest way to see it.

Viewers were stunned by the image that a pet hides in front of their eyes.

The misleading image was first shared by Dr. Michelle Dickinson, a nanotechnology engineer.

“You can only see this optical illusion if you shake your head,” Dickinson wrote, adding emphasis in parentheses. “I’m serious.”

At first glance, the hatched image is just a series of lines.

You might mistake it for a barcode or TV failure without instructions.

But shake your head as you look at the image and pointy ears are revealed, along with large, beady eyes.

The hidden image is a black cat coming out from behind the “bars”.

On Twitter, viewers shared their tactics for viewing the confusing image.

“I can easily see it without moving my head, one or both eyes, but it’s more vivid if I shake my head,” wrote one commenter.

“But if I let my eyes rest on it, it melts after a few seconds,” they added. “Come back if I focus again.”

The ability to view the image may also depend on the device you are viewing.

“I can watch it without shaking my head on my phone, but I can’t on my laptop,” the woman wrote in response.

“Trick: The handshake is enough,” another user of the phone wrote.

Although the desired image was a cat, others saw different images in the image.

“Cat or owl?” asked the viewer.

And Dickinson’s friends were a bit jeered, too, perhaps because they felt they looked silly looking at the picture.

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“I’m shaking my head AT you,” was the joking reply.

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