Mind-boggling optical illusion reveals if you’re strong & confident or defensive & guarded – so what do you see first?

OPTICAL Deception can help you figure out if you are strong and confident or cautious and defensive.

The dark and gloomy image shared by The Minds Journal can be viewed in two different ways.


What you see in this image can help you figure out if you are confident or defensive Credit: The Minds Journal

If you look at it and see a woman leaning over with her hands behind her neck, you’re probably a more cautious person.

“You’ve longed to learn how to make life-changing decisions, but you’re too scared to take the risk,” the professionals told The Minds Journal.

However, what you lack in confidence, you will probably make up for in imagination and problem-solving skills.

On the physical side of things, seeing a woman in a picture can indicate fatigue.

“It’s time to let go and relax and put all the bitterness behind you,” they said.

“Focus on yourself, surrender to your passion. Changes are always for the better, and they are inevitable, accept them.”

But if you look at the picture and see a skull, chances are you’re a strong person who doesn’t shy away from a challenge.

“You are going through a difficult time, but despite all the difficulties, you face these situations as they come to you with force,” wrote The Minds Journal pro.

“You reflect the sense of strong leadership skills that some people notice in you.”

It is possible that when you look at yourself, you see some habits that you need to change.

“And that’s not so bad,” they continued.

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“Learn to embrace the best qualities of your identity, but also work on yourself when necessary.”

Another thing that choosing a skull indicates is that you are a hard worker, but often feel unappreciated for what you do.

“These unfortunate trials are only a temporary phase, which will soon pass,” they concluded.

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